By Steven Plaut
(re-posted here exactly three years after the events in question took place)

On Rosh Hashana, 2000, Madhat Yusef became a martyr to the Oslo "peace process" and the policies of the Israeli government of Ehud Barak. Madhat was a nineteen year old Druse soldier serving in Israel's border patrol. He was murdered by PLO bullets, but allowed to bleed to death by the government of Israel.

Like many in his Druse town of Beit J'an, Madhat served in the same border patrol in which his father had previously served his country for 25 years. And like American Jews who work on Christmas Day to allow their countrymen to celebrate their holidays, Madhat was doing guard duty at Joseph's Shrine in Nablus/Shechem on the Jewish New Year when he was murdered by PLO stormtroopers sent out by Yassir Arafat.

Jospeh's Tomb is a shrine in the center of Nablus. The town lies between the Mountain of Blessings from the Bible, Mount Grizim, and the Mountain of Curses, Mount Aival. In the Bible the Israelites are evenly divided between the two mountains by Moses so that future Jew will feel that he is in the center between the two, that the fate of the entire nation is in the balance and depends on his own individual behavior and actions. In the middle, between the two mountains, is the shrine where the bones of Joseph lie, carried to the Promised Land by the Israelites according to Joseph's last will and testament, all as documented in the Bible itself.

In this glen, Ehud Barak tipped the balance on Rosh Hashana 2000, toward cowardice and national suicide.

According to the Oslo Accords (the formal written ones, not the de facto ones where Israel makes endless appeasements for peace and the PLO wages war) it is agreed that Joseph's Tomb in Nablus, like Rachael's Tomb near Bethlehem, should remain in Israeli control and under Israeli sovereignty. The PLO pledges freedom of access and respect for Jewish religious shrines. In reality, Joseph's Tomb has become a sort of Jewish Alamo. It is the scene of daily violence by the PLO. Jews take their lives in the hands to go there.

A handful of courageous yeshiva students stay there, guarded by some soldiers and border patrolmen. The students have refused to listen to Israel's Lobotomized Left, urging that they abandon Joseph's Tomb in order to avoid "provoking" the poor Palestinians with their presence. The students live under permanent siege, and PLO "police" routinely attack people trying to enter or leave the shrine. Things are not much better at Rachael's shrine. It is all an indicator of what Jews can expect to happen at the Western Wall if Israel's Left ever has its way and the Old City of Jerusalem is handed over to the PLO.

For years the PLO has sought to ruin Jewish holidays with violence. Two years ago Arafat decided to send the Jews a Succos holiday greeting in the form of a pogrom, launched after Israel had decided to allow Jews to visit an old Maccabee Tunnel near but not under the Temple Mount. Arafat fabricated a story of how the Jews were endangering the Al-Aqsa Mosque and polluting it with their proximity, and ordered his stormtroopers to open fire. Purim has for years been the open season for Arab atrocities, including bombings. And this year (2000) Arafat decided to order pogroms on Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. It was all a part of the "Al-Aqsa intifada" as it was officially named by Arafat. For years we have been saying in this corner that the entire Oslo "peace process" will produce, instead of peace, nothing but the metastasis of violence from the "territories" into pre-1967 Israel, where Israeli Arabs will be radicalized, nazified, and will turn to terrorism. The Rosh Hashana pogrom proved how correct this prognosis is.

The official excuse for the pogrom was that Likud leader Arik Sharon had gone for a walk on the Temple Mount, where the two Temples of the Biblical era once stood. Jews are only allowed to visit the Mount as tourists. They are not allowed to pray there and even silent lip-movement by a Jew can get him arrested. There was not a serious danger that Sharon was about to pray there, as it is doubtful he knows how.

The control over the Temple Mount had been turned over to the PLO at the start of Oslo. Before that it had been administered by Jordan ever since Moshe Dayan abandoned any attempt to exercise Israeli sovereignty over the most sacred ground in the world for Judaism. The pathetic government of Yitzhak Shamir had ordered that all Israeli flags be removed from the vicinity of the Mount to avoid offending Moslem hypersensitivities. The Mount is de facto under PLO sovereignty and flies the PLO flag. At Camp David, Barak had offered formally to recognize PLO sovereignty over the Temple Mount, along with turning over nearly the entire West Bank to the PLO Reichlet. But Barak had balked at granting an unlimited "right of return" into Israel for Palestinian "refugees", which the PLO was demanding.

As a result, Arafat was looking for an excuse to launch pogroms. He has been taught in Pavlovian manner over the past decade that the best way to get concessions from Israel is through violence. On Friday, Erev Rosh Hashana, the PLO-paid and PLO-appointed preachers of the Al-Aqsa Mosque ordered Arabs to attack Jews randomly, to "protect" the Mosque that no one was threatening.

Some violence had begun when Arabs attacked Jews on the Thursday before Rosh Hashana weekend and sent 25 Israeli policemen to the hospital. Then on Erev Rosh Hashana, the pogrom was officially launched at Arafat's command and quickly spread into Israeli Arab towns, lasting throughout the holiday weekend. Throughout the Galilee and also south of Haifa, Israeli Arabs blocked roads, attacked Jewish picnickers and motorists, assaulted police. In Nazareth, the town of the Christian Prince of Peace, Arabs screamed "Kill the Jews" and attacked any Jew they could find. Violence broke out in the Negev Bedouin town of Rahat, a hotbed of anti-Semitism. There were violent riots in Jaffa, in effect the downtown of Tel Aviv. Jews in more remote settlements or rural positions were told to stay home and not venture out onto the roads. It was as if 1947 had returned, where the entire Jewish population was under siege. Molotov cocktails were tossed at Rachael's Tomb. The Jews praying at the Western Wall were twice evacuated due to assaults by the pogromchiks. At the Neve Dekelim settlement, those praying in the synagogue had to grab weapons and sit at the windows when the synagogue was attacked. Seventy policemen in Jerusalem were sent to the hospital.

Near Kalkiliya an interesting event occurred. There, "joint patrols" between the PLO and Israel are supposed to be carried out under an Oslo agreement. On the eve of Rosh Hashana, a jeep full of PLO "police" was patrolling alongside a jeep of Israeli border patrolmen. Suddenly the PLO Gestapo fired point blank into the Israeli jeep and murdered Yossi Tabje in cold blood. Tabje was a 27 year old Jew from Ethiopia. His mother had died in Ethiopia when he was three years old, after which he came to Israel with his brothers under Operation Moses. He had served in the army as a paratrooper and had been awarded the Presidential medal for heroism. He was due to be married shortly. He was a brother in blood of the Druse border patrolman Madhat Yusef, on duty in Joseph's Tomb.

(It will be interesting to see if the assimilationist-liberal organizations in the US, like the Reform RAC or like the ADL, will have anything to say about this hate crime and racist murder of a black man by the PLO.)

But perhaps the worst violence was at Netsarim, a small isolated settlement south of Gaza City. Under the Oslo Accords, the PLO agreed to respect Netsarim and protect it from violence. In reality Netsarim has become the Stalingrad of Oslo. It is the subject of yet another "controlled carnage" agreement, of the sort Israeli politicians so love. (Similar agreements long operated in Lebanon.) Under this "agreement" the PLO organizes daily violence and siege of the Jewish men, women and children in Netsarim, and just as long as things do not get "too far out of hand", Israel sits back and allows the violence to occur.

The problem is that every so often the PLO-led violence at Netsarim DOES get "out of hand". An Israeli soldier was murdered outside the settlement last week (2000). Over the holiday weekend, the PLO ordered that Netsarim be stormed. PLO "police" were openly leading the pogrom and firing at the Israeli troops with the machine guns they received from Israel. The Jews returned fire for a change. In the crossfire, some of the pogromchiks were pacified to death.

Now as it turned out, a French film crew was on the spot and captured footage of a 12 year old Palestinian boy being shot to death outside Netsarim, while his father was wounded. The world media had a new poster child and the PLO had a new martyr myth. What exactly happened there? Muhammed Adira and his father were minding their own business while standing in the midst of a mob of pogromchiks attacking Israelis with machine guns and Molotov cocktails. The father of the 12 year old boy insists they were merely out shopping for a (stolen?) car, and surely everyone knows that Arabs routinely go shopping for cars next to Netsarim in the midst of pogroms. Anyway, the Israeli Commander of the Gaza Battalion insists the boy was hit by bullets fired by the PLO's stormtroopers (later confirmed by a German camera crew and others). No doubt CNN and Haaretz will neglect to mention this irrelevant detail. In any case, the boy may have died because the ambulance trying to evacuate him was fired upon and its driver killed. The PLO has a long track record of firing at ambulances. No one seriously thinks Israeli troops have ever shot at an ambulance.

Meanwhile the Lobotomized Left was showing how it could stick to its blinders even in the midst of anti-Jewish pogroms. The police, led by leftist officers and commanded by Professor of McCarthyism Shlomo Ben-Ami (himself later crucified by the Orr Commission --- SP), said the pogroms were all the fault of Arik Sharon. As usual the Jewish victims of Arab violence are to blame. Most of the rest of the Left chimed in amen. The US State Department agrees that Sharon is completely to blame. Haaretz ran editorials and Op-Eds blaming the whole pogrom on Arik Sharon's stroll. I have little doubt that if it were printing in the 1940s, Haaretz would run daily banner pieces about the sufferings of SS officers killed by savage partisans and the tribulations of their poor children.

Peace Now ran an obscene ad saying that not only was Sharon responsible for the pogroms over Rosh Hashana, but also of course for the Sabra and Shatilla massacres in Lebanon (in which Arabs killed Arabs). The Haaretz "reporter" Amira Hess, self-styled "expert" on Arabs although she speaks no Arabic, who recently called in the San Francisco area for the eradication of Israel, wrote a "news report" claiming that Arafat had not ordered the pogrom and it was all because "things got out of his control". Barak's government adopted the same line. Such things always remind me of those people who insist Hitler never ordered any atrocities against Jews, wished them no harm and it was all the work of his underlings who were out of his control.

But let us return to Madhat Yusef defending Joseph's Tomb from the Philistines. Whose name in Arabic means Joseph. Under siege in the Israeli Alamo in Nablus. The PLO stormtroopers at the direct orders of Arafat firing into the shrine. Yusef is badly wounded by a PLO bullet. The medics do what they can for him. They radio out for help. There is a large Israeli military base atop the Mount of Blessings nearby, on Mount Grizim.

But Ehud Barak has issued orders. Israeli troops are to do nothing to"provoke" the Palestinian savages. They are to cower and hide, much like they are ordered to do at the Lebanese border. They are to do everything to avoid situations wherein they might be required to use their weapons. They are to wait for our PLO "peace partners" to restore order.

Yusef's comrades desperately dial out for help. The base nearby has tanks and APCs that could be used, if necessary, to disburse the pogromchiks and open the road to the Alamo, allowing Yusef to be evacuated and rescued. But the army has its orders from Barak, the head of the post-Jewish and post-survivalist "peace government". It sits back. It does nothing. The same Israeli military that rescued the 250 hostages being held in Entebbe suddenly cannot rescue a single Druse soldier bleeding to death in Nablus.

Mathat Yusef is lying on the floor. He lies there for hours while the Israeli army sits back waiting for the same PLO "police", who are firing into the shrine, to restore order. Like Will Travis, Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, in his Alamo Yusef simply bled to death.

Remember his Alamo!

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