September 29, 2003


By Jerusalem Newswire Editorial Staff

Jerusalem ( - Israel's government at the weekend released official statistics from the Palestinian-initiated Oslo War as the third anniversary of the ongoing anti-Jewish terror campaign came and went. The stunning numbers paint the picture of a merciless and unrelenting offensive, the like of which has never been experienced in re-born Israel's war-torn 55 years. The numbers tell the story [multiply by 50 and you'll get the US equivalents, by 10 and you'll get the Italian] Since the outbreak of what the Arabs call the "Al Aqsa Intifada," 867 Israelis have been killed in acts of Palestinian terrorism, carried out by forces the Palestinian Authority pledged to disarm and dismantle more than a decade ago. In addition to the fatalities, 5,878 people have been wounded in terrorist attacks. Many of the injured remain with permanent disabilities and deformities as a result of the attacks, according to Arutz 7.

The high casualty numbers were the result of 18,876 successful Palestinian attacks over the past three years. This works out to an average of 17.6 attacks per day over the three-year period. Security forces prevented an even greater number of attacks which, had they been perpetrated, would have pushed the number of victims many times higher.

While 96 percent of these assaults were carried out against Jewish residentsof Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the 4 percent carried out "inside" pre-1967 Israel were generally more lethal and resulted in over half of all the fatalities. Among the nearly 19,000 successful attacks were 127 attacks by Palestinian "suicide" bombers. Security forces apprehended an additional 179 "suicide" bombers before they could carry out their attacks.

The Economic Cost
The Oslo War has cost the Israeli economy NIS 75 billion [US $16.8 billion] in defense costs and lost revenue, resulting in a 6 percent drop in Israel's normally high standard of living.

Israel's tourism industry, the primary source of the country's revenue, has been devastated, causing hotels around the country, and even some famous tourist sites, to close down.

Unbalanced Comparison
Palestinian sources and left-wing political commentators have repeatedly pointed out that Palestinian casualties during the Oslo War have been many times higher than Israeli casualties.

The implication is that Israel, like the Palestinian terrorists, also indiscriminately targets Palestinian civilians. However, statistical studies over the past year refute this.

In November 2002, the Herzliya-based International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism conducted an in-depth survey of the Oslo War's casualties on both sides based on open sources.

Among other things, the study revealed that hundreds of Palestinians who were killed in direct suicidal attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers, as well as Arabs who were killed while preparing terrorist bombs or murdered as collaborators were included in the Palestinian casualty numbers. In addition, 95 percent of Palestinian fatalities fit into a specific demographic category - young males between the ages of 12 to 29, according to the report. The pattern of Palestinian casualties "completely contradicts accusations that Israel has indiscriminately targeted women and children," the report said.

"There appears to be only one reasonable explanation of this pattern: that Palestinian men and boys engaged in behavior that brought them into conflict with Israeli armed forces," the report continued. "In fact, the highly specific pattern of Palestinian noncombatant fatalities suggests that many of these deaths have resulted from an active Palestinian indoctrination campaign glorifying 'martyrdom' - effectively encouraging boys and young men to confront Israeli forces and risk death even when there was no real likelihood of causing material harm to Israelis."


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