By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

2:20 PM October 4 Saturday Shabbat lunch in HAIFA- HOMICIDE BOMBER BLOWS UP MAXIM'S, AN ISRAELI-ARAB RESTAURANT IN HAIFA. 19 KILLED, INCLUDING 3 CHILDREN AND 1 BABY. Five people were killed in each of two families alone, from grandparents to grandchildren. 4 Arabs were also victims. 60 WOUNDED -MANY CRITICALLY - MANY MORE CHILDREN WOUNDED. ISLAMIC JIHAD CLAIMS CREDIT.



Grizzly pieces of flesh that were once people who laughed, cried, had families, dreamed dreams and all that was left of them was seared flesh. This was once again the work of Arabs, sometimes called Palestinians, Egyptians, Syrians, Hezb'Allah, Iranians, Al Aksa Brigades, Fatah, Iraqis.... This day it was a 29 year old woman lawyer in training.

From their very young to their very old, Muslim Arabs are taught to hate and kill the 'infidel' (non-believer or non-Muslim. This is a vicious, murderous culture, driven by forces so perniciously evil that it is hard for the mind of man in western civilizations to conceive. These radical Islamists followed the pagan moon god of Zin, later called Allah, in an effort to compete with and absorb the G-d of the Jews and even the Jew who the Christians accepted as their lord.

Once, in ancient times, the Hebrew tribes led by Abraham, Isaac, Joseph and Moses were instructed by G-d to wipe out the pagan tribes who practiced human sacrifice. Their instructions in G-d's Torah were clear: Leave none alive for they will come back as a plague. So they did. It wasn't just Saddam Hussein, Gamal Abdul Nasser, Hafez al Assad, Amin al Husseini (Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitler's friend) - or even Yassir Arafat. It is the entire population who hates Jews, enjoys killing - who believe that all non-Muslims can and must be either converted to Islam or killed.

These are people from the seed of rotten stock. These people have been invading each other and all others for 1381 years, since Mohammed first created Islam in 622 C.E. When they are under control of greater powers whom they fear, they are submissive - if not law-abiding. When the boot is off their necks, they quickly rise up and revert to what they have always been -murderers who claim to be superior to all others through Islam and Allah. This evil civilization cannot be reasoned with nor will they adhere towritten agreements of accommodation and peace.

Even their Koran teaches them to make false treaties when necessary and then break them as soon as they are strong enough to attack all those whom they call enemies. Arafat often refers to Oslo as like the Hudaibiya Treaty Mohammed signed with the Koreish (or Qurayzah) Tribe for peace. Two years later when he was stronger, he returned, slaughtered the men, sold the women and children into slavery.

After frequent Muslim Arab Terror attacks, Israel has been scraping up body parts from walls and streets for years. America experienced her first taste of such Arab Terror on 9/11/01. In a recently published book, entitled: "One Thousand Years for Revenge" by Peter Lance, he describes a chilling aftermath of 9/11. He was taken one night by Chief Fire Marshall Louis Garcia to a place called Memorial Park. Inside there were eight enormous refrigerator trailers. These trailers were draped in purple and black mourning crepe, surrounded by flowers. Visitors had written their goodbyes on the sides of the trailers. Inside were the partial remains of those who were slaughtered by the 15 Saudis and 4 Egyptians suicide bombers. Like Israel, now America also had grizzly pieces of burnt flesh to bury - or no bodies at all because most were vaporized by the heat of the hijacked planes jet fuel and the collapse to dust of the Twin Towers. 3000 humans now are just memories because the Arab Muslims hated America and were 'faithfully' following the diktats of Islam.

Israel is fighting Terror daily. Since the Oslo Accords were signed September 13, 1993 over 1500 men, women and children have been murdered. Multiply by 55 and you will discover that the ratio equivalent to the American population is 82,500. Can we comprehend that? What would America do if her casualties were that high - in that proportion?

Just since the Rosh HaShanah War of 2000 there have been 887 Israelis (48,785 in American terms) murdered in acts of Arab Muslim Terrorism, carried out by forces the Palestinian Authority pledged to disarm and dismantle more than a decade ago.

The 19 innocents murdered on Saturday would equal 1,049 Americans.

In addition to the fatalities, more than 6000 people have been wounded in Terror attacks - many maimed for life just over the past 3 years. This results from 18,877 successful Terror attacks. This is an average of 17.6 attacks per day over 3 years. Security forces have prevented an even greater number of attacks. Among the nearly 19,000 successful attacks were 128 homicide bombings by Arab Muslim Palestinians. Security forces apprehended an additional 179 "suicide" bombers before they could carry out their attacks. The economic cost of this last 3 years war has cost the Israeli economy 75 NIS ($16.8 Billion American dollars). That is $4.7 Billion dollars in lost revenue annually, plus military and police expenditures of Billions of dollars to secure the Israeli public from internal attacks, coupled with medical and national insurance costs to victims and their families. This does not include the insane costs of the fence Israel is now required to erect to prevent Terrorists from infiltrating into Israel. (1)

Israel is slowly approaching the realization that, no matter what they do, there will be no peace with Arab Muslims - be they Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, etc. This is a pagan culture of people who revel in death. They enjoy killing as if it lifts them to a level of honor instead of the primitive culture they know themselves to be.

HaShem (G-d) obviously knew what was necessary when He instructed the Hebrew tribes to destroy all the pagan tribes who engaged in human sacrifice then and now. This is a cursed people who afflict the human race with a barbarism that never seems to end. Regrettably, we often see Arabists in many countries, making common cause with this killing society. We find them in Europe, Africa, America and even Israel. There is no atrocity hideous enough for these fellow-travelers of Arab oil wealth to break off their support.

Sadly, there are Jews who are politely called Left Liberals but who have attached themselves to a vision of appeasing these killers and, in doing so, have themselves become co-conspirators for the dead Jews and the unidentifiable pieces of flesh scraped off the walls and pavements. For them, I can only wish that at the end of their lives, may they be interred in the sewers of Gaza so they may be near the Arabs they so lovingly support.

Civilization is building walls of different kinds to keep out the Muslims in whatever country they may be. In an act of expensive desperation, Israel is building cement walls to keep out the barbarous Terrorist Arab Muslims. In America, the borders are being tightened and Arabs who overstay their visa time are being deported. Nuclear power plants are being guarded against Arab Muslim attacks. Pilots of passenger aircraft are being armed against potential radical Muslim Terrorists who could hijack their aircraft and crash it into buildings.

Americans deny that Arabs are being racially profiled, but that's what is happening. Immigrants or visitors entering America are scanned at airports, but the Middle Easteners are really scrutinized. One day, the slogan: "No Arabs = No Terror" will become part of the Free World's philosophy for survival. In Europe, particularly France, Germany, England and Belgium have become epicenters for a critical mass of Muslim Terrorists who use the very willing Muslims already present in the millions for assistance and cover. The Europeans do virtually nothing about this growing threat. In America -only after 9/11 - have authorities taken action against the Arab/Muslim threat of sleeper cells allowed in by the Arab threat of the Arabist U.S. State Department. This is an institution that has dedicated itself to assisting radical Arab nations who flood America with radical Islamists. The U.S. State Department has yet to be investigated for having pressured the FBI and CIA to curtail their investigations of Arab/Muslims lest they offend Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, 'et al'.

Islam, denials notwithstanding, has declared war on all Free Western civilizations that are defined by them as non-believers or 'infidels'. Christianity and Judaism are their main targets but, all other religions are viewed as their enemies. No act of Terror is considered too barbaric to advance the cause of world domination by Islam. Be it blowing up a city with a nuclear weapon, spreading deadly germs or poisoning the water supply, all are acceptable. Israel is fighting Terror above and way beyond the scale of the horrific 9/11 Muslim attacks against America but, America, that is the Bush Administration has tied Israel's arms behind her - lest she win and insult the 'honor' of the oil maggots and Muslim nations.

Israel knows she can never live safely with Arabs in her cities ready to blow themselves up in a restaurant, school, bus, market - or anywhere people peacefully congregate. America is learning that painful lesson in Iraq as the people they rescued from Saddam Hussein kill American soldiers in gratitude. America is discovering Muslims in her military are more loyal to the Terrorist ideal and are first and foremost Islamists -ready to betray and kill Americans. There is growing evidence that Islamic moles have penetrated American Military, Intelligence, the U.S. State Department and some others in the U.S. political system. (More on this in a future article.)

Islam has always been at some level of war against the West but, now it is starting to reach its peak. For Israel and America, it is time to deport those dedicated enemies back to their own people and their own lands.

This is what you can expect:

The Arab Palestinians will dance in the streets over their successful atrocity.

President George W. Bush will offer condolences and - along with Secretary of State Colin Powell - will advise Israeli restraint.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon will call U.S. National Security Advisor Condolezza Rice and inquire as to what action he will be allowed to take in order to placate the Israeli electorate. However, please note news item of October 5th Israeli attack against Islamic Jihad Terror Training Ein Sahar Camp in Syria, which definitely is a necessary act of deterrence and just retaliation. No doubt, the U.N. will strongly condemn this attack just as they did when Israel took out Saddam's nuclear reactor in 1981 at Osirak.

The U.N.'s Secretary General Kofi Annan will state that U.N. troops, along with E.U. (European Union) and NATO must be allowed to separate the 'combatants' - thereby apportioning equal blame and moral equivalency.


1. "The Numbers Tell the Story (of the Oslo War)" by Ted Belman Trackback, Oct. 3, 2003

Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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