By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East analyst & commentator

One man, elected as a temporary manager of Israel's affairs, has instead transferred to himself ownership of the Jewish nation's territory and appointed himself dictator over the nation's people. This man is Israel's Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon. He has slipped under the radar of public observation and conducts secret meetings with Israel's American friends to dispose of land which neither he nor the American administration of President George W. Bush own.

Some say: "What G-d giveth; Sharon taketh away."

While Sharon maintains that he is 'somehow' protecting Israel by transferring resident Jews out of Gaza/Gush Katif where they have lived and made the land bloom for three generations, his lie is exposed in his planning. At the insistence of the Bush Administration - pushed by the pro-Arab U.S. State Department (who runs American foreign policy no matter who is president), in linkage with Saudi Arabia, Arik Sharon is to be the godfather of another Arab Muslim Palestinian State in the heartland of Israel.

But, first they need an anchor base to consolidate Palestinian control (which will be Gaza) and then they will reach out for Judea and Samaria for a contiguous State of Arab Muslim Palestinians. Sharon's declaration of a unilateral retreat raised the expectations of conquering all of Israel - just as former P.M. Ehud Barak's midnight abandonment of the Lebanon security area encouraged the Hezb'Allah and proved to the Arab Muslims that Israel's defenses can be forced to collapse.

Sharon already knows that, not only will Gaza become an operational base for Hamas, the PLO, Al Aksa Brigades, Tanzim, and other Arafat confederates but, once Gaza is in their hands, Al Qaeda and Hezb'Allah will pour in en masse. Most of those mentioned already have representative cells in Gaza and the territories given over to Arafat's control by the Oslo Accords by Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres - and those following Oslo.

As long as Jewish civilians are present in Gaza, along with the IDF forces, these various terrorist groups cannot work together efficiently. They are under Israeli surveillance and on-going attacks against their leaders. It is estimated that they have at least 200 Kassem rockets ready to fire. They can and do fire Kassem rockets and quickly run away but, imagine if they could comfortably fire salvos and re-load, knowing that they were safe, even protected by a missile umbrella. (Yes, the Palestinians do have smuggled ground-to-air shoulder-fired missiles just awaiting the time to use them.)

But, that is not the worst of it.

If Sharon succeeds in uprooting and transferring the Jewish men, women and children - along with the IDF, out of Gaza and Gush Katif, the larger groups of radical Islamists will move in. These are called the 'Mujahadeen' (Islamic holy warriors). You may know that they have poured into Iraq through Syria from all over the Arab Muslim world. They come as religious volunteers from Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Yemen, Kuwait, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Algeria, Libya and even from Muslim immigrants who settled comfortably in Europe and America.

They would already be massing in Gaza were it not for the Jewish civilians and the Jewish army. Sharon, exercising something similar to 'Eminent Domain' has decided to condemn 21 beautiful farming communities and 2 cities to ethnically cleanse Gaza of Jews and open the doors for thousands of 'Mujahadeen' Islamists to join the terrorist groups already there.

Sharon cannot be merely identified as unaware - given his military background and expertise. He has also been seriously warned by his top military officers and military Intelligence that, not only will the 'Mujahadeen' Jihadists pour into Gaza but that Iran will furnish much longer range missiles, some with chemical warheads, to the Muslim Terrorists. Such missiles can easily reach the densely populated coastal cities of Israel, such as Ashdod, Ashkelon - and even Tel Aviv.

Since Egypt has already proven itself to be a reliable enabler of smuggled weapons through the tunnels to the Arab Muslim Terrorists - and acted as a storage facility, awaiting delivery from the Sinai, no doubt, they will also become a port for Iranian missiles.

Sharon knows all of this and cannot claim ignorance which makes him a dictator of the first order. In putting the Israeli major cities at risk of Iranian missiles, in addition to the shorter range Kassem rockets, Sharon has become an enemy of his own people.

Sharon is knowingly engaged in crimes against the Jewish people. He fully understands that, in conspiracy with other nations to fulfill their personal or national interests, he has chosen to betray the Jewish nation he was elected to protect.

Sharon has adamantly refused to disclose to the Israeli people that he has accepted the diktats of foreign interests and is determined to establish a hostile Arab Muslim Palestinian State within rifle shot of the main Israeli population centers. This is not theory or speculation, given that Sharon is building a wall and/or a fence the length of which will be to encircle what is left of the world's only Jewish State of Israel.

Many sections of that fence (only a small per cent of which is a concrete wall) block rifle fire that can and have aimed directly into Israeli homes. But, Sharon's Wall will not inhibit ground-to-air missiles from the new Arab Muslim Palestinian State created by Sharon at incoming or exiting international airliners from Ben Gurion Airport.

Sharon and his companion Leftists, no doubt, will bewail the loss of the first airliner brought down and, no doubt, attack a few empty buildings as a gesture of response.

Naturally, we will hear from whatever President sits in the Oval Office and the Europeans expressing condolences, while urging restraint and demanding that Peace be given a chance. The nations of the world refuse to recognize the sheer barbarity of Arab Muslim Terrorists and insist upon pursuing a non or never existing peace.

Even as two little Jewish Ethiopian children aged 2 and 4 were killed this first day of Sukkot in Sderot, we all know that we will hear some babbling inanities coming from your mouth about how you must continue your insane plan to sever the Jews from the land.

Soon I expect to see the mix of Gaza-based Terrorists start to kidnap Israelis and threaten to behead them as did their fellow radical Muslims in Iraq. No Doubt, Islamic Terrorists will adopt or rather re-introduce the targeting of children's schools - as they did in Beslan, Russia. Clearly, you have forgotten how Muslim Arab Terrorists successfully attacked and killed 23 Jewish children in Ma'alot, Northern Israel.

It will be you, Ariel Sharon, who will have given them the chance to operate close to population centers and with greater efficiency. I repeat, you are a danger to the nation, a danger to the Jews of Israel and a danger to the Jews of the world. You and yours deserve the harshest punishment that the law allows.

Others who are also a clear and present danger to the Jewish people and nation are those Leftists led by Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin, among others, who conspired with Arafat before Oslo, during Oslo and after Oslo.

It was understandable when one of the Knesset members demanded a full investigation of Oslo, who planned it, which foreign governments were involved, that Shimon Peres went ballistic. He threatened to quit the Labor Party and the Knesset at which point Arik Sharon stepped in and killed the idea of an investigation.

Hm, I wonder how involved Sharon may have been as a "Shadow" advisor to the Oslo plan? Whether he was or not, he has reversed his own position and his Likud Party's platform 180 to evict the 8,300 pioneering Settlers of Gush Katif from homes, farms, schools, synagogues, factories, businesses, land, infrastructure, water and, even, the dead in their cemeteries.

It is past time to pull the plug on Sharon's connections to foreign interests and put someone else in place who will represent and protect Israel's security and sovereignty. President Bush, in his recent debate, clearly stated that his job was to represent the interests of America and not seek approval from the international community. This is good advice for Israel.


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate and member of the Board of Directors of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.