by Emanuel A. Winston


by Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 26 September 2004

A review of the proposed Disengagement Plan Law presented today in Hebrew on the Ministry of Justice website B5207/9689/Hitnatkut1.pdf?thumbnail=true&label=Hitnatkut.pdf

finds that Article 27 (A)(2) provides for the imprisonment for five years of residents of communities who decline to leave their homes before the evacuation date. Those residents who have no knives (possibly even no kitchen knives) or guns in their possession who decline to leave their homes before the evacuation date could be imprisoned for 3 years.

It is important to note that this punishment could also apply to residents who as an act of passive resistance, lay on the floor of their home and require that security forces carry them out [Article 27(A)(3)]

Article 30(A) provides that after the evacuation date the residents have no legal claim to any of their moveable possessions remaining in the area designated for evacuation. (1)Prime Minister Sharon seems to have adopted a version of Hitler's Nuremberg Laws which made Jews non-citizens of the German Reich. He is forcing Jews to divest themselves of their homes and property. In furtherance of Sharon's government shift to dictatorial procedures, Attorney General Mazuz has issued guidelines on what he and Justice Minister Tomy Lapid consider incitement - which apparently is anthing opposing Sharon's unilateral 'Disengagement Retreat' Plans. (more on this in a later article)


What is the responsibility of a citizen to his or her government when elected leaders start to rule by fiat? Generally that's called a dictatorship.

Regrettably, I see that happening in Israel today as Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rules on uprooting 8,300 Jewish men, women and children without a consensus in the Knesset, his own political party and its platform or a referendum by the people.

Israel's government has drifted far from anything that could conceivably be called a 'democracy'. These ruling cliques hold the citizenry in contempt and clearly state that they, the so-called elected leaders "know best".

Sharon answers to nothing, no one and pledges to move forward his re-partition plans for the Nation as if he owned title to all the Land of Israel. Moreover, he has become enslaved to the interests of Israel's great friend, the United States. But, that is not entirely true, given that it is the American people and the American Congress who view Israel as a friend and strategic ally. They see clearly that, if Israel divests herself of any land she will become more vulnerable and weakened as an ally.

Some others in America has special interests to look after. Here we find the pro-Arab State Department, the oil multi-national companies who try to manipulate the American citizenry on the theory that they "know best".

These special Arabist vested interests wish to dictate to Israel whatever orders will appease the Arab Muslim oil nations and their Terrorist organizations' representatives or proxies. To accomplish the full cycle of appeasement, it is imperative that these pro-Arab promoters control one of the main entities of Muslim rage, namely the Jewish State of Israel. Why the rage? Because the Jews beat the Arab Muslims in six wars and made the Land of Israel bloom where it was only barren while the Jews were exiled from it.

Israel can only be 'controlled' if they (American pro-Arab vested interests) have a lock on the office of Israel's Prime Minister and her Leftist Supreme Court. The recruitment of these power centers in Israel has been ongoing for a long time with a carrot and stick technique. The 'stick' is the threat to cut off the 'carrot' which includes the aid, technology, arms and such political assistance the U.S. can offer in such hostile organizations as the U.N. There may be other threats the U.S. holds over the State of Israel so dire that even the most stalwart of defenders for Israel's security and sovereignty are defeated and blackmailed into cowed submission to the will of the pro-Arab State Department who runs American foreign policy no matter who is President.

No doubt, Sharon is on a short leash and has gotten used to taking orders to "heel" like any well-trained dog. So, Sharon's dictatorial ways are a combination of his arrogance, his inflated ego and orders from the U.S. Administration - run by the pro-Arab State Department whose interests he serves as he thinks he must.

Furthermore, Sharon expects Israel's citizenry to obey his diktats without question. If they resist - even to defend their own homes as all democratic citizens must - he immediately tries to put the powers that are at his disposal into motion to quash any resistance. The draconian Articles above from the Disengagement Plan prove this very point. IF Sharon was right, correct and had the right to take these Jewish men, women and children from homes, farms, schools, synagogues, factories, businesses, infrastructure, water and, yes, even from their cemeteries, he wouldn't need to threaten 5 years of prison. If he were correct, there wouldn't be any resistance, human chain, demonstrations, rallies.....signs calling him a dictator. None of those are incitement. What he is planning to do to his own people - THAT IS INCITEMENT!

Arik Sharon was a great part of the defense of the Jewish people and their new State and earned our sincere and devoted admiration. But, that was yesterday. Sharon is now perceived as acting like the dedicated enemies of the Jews. After 56 years of War and incessant Terror attacks where we lost tens of thousands, Sharon breaks and runs!

Is it any wonder that many Israelis, Jews and pro-Israel Christians around the world have come to literally hate this man? If you re-read the devastating punishments he threatens his own people with, you would know why he has earned this hatred.

Perhaps Sharon is not entirely to blame, given that Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres crossed that line when they created the Oslo Accords without consensus. In either case, the public was manipulated and tricked into thinking that their elected officials had extraordinary powers. That even the Knesset (Parliament) was merely a collection of weak politicians who did very little to protect the Jewish nation but, did have broad gifts of expense accounts, long vacations, free cars, etc. Except for a handful of dedicated M.K.s (Members of Knesset), most were merely political hacks, simply along for the perks of a free ride. So don't count on the Knesset as gatekeepers to prevent the excesses of a Prime Minister who rules by fiat.

And note who he has as his largest coalition partners in government: the Shinui Party with Tomy Lapid as Minister of Justice. "Shinui" means "change". They want to 'change' Israel from being Jewish State to being a state of all its citizens. They want to de-Judaize the world's only Jewish State that was given to the Jewish people by G-d forever. And it is Tomy Lapid's Justice Ministry who issues these appalling threats of retribution if those Jews who are forcibly uprooted resist as any normal person would. Lapid and Shinui are also trying to strip Israel of Jewish law and have cut humanitarian budgets to Jewish families, schools and institutions.

Another decaying system is the Israeli Supreme Court which is known for its political activism under another type of dictator, Aharon Barak. They have shown themselves to be politically Left in the extreme. They actually pick their own replacements in office and answer to no one. They are a dictatorial cabal who have shown great hostility to those pejoratively called 'settlers' while reflecting the radical Left in their pro-Arab rulings. Best recent example: The Security Fence has to be moved to accommodate the agriculture of the Arab Muslims, even if, (as they acknowledge) it further endangers Jewish lives by bringing potential Terrorists closer to Jewish population centers. An Arab's trees and crops have more 'rights' than do Jewish citizens have 'rights' to life.

Hopefully, no Jew will lift his hand against Sharon but that does not stop G-d from taking a hand. I wonder if the Spirits of the Dead Jews past are watching Sharon tear down the nation, brick by brick, for which they sacrificed their lives and the lives of the unborn future children. As is foretold in Tanach and the Daily Prayers, G-d will raise the dead. Perhaps the true heroes of Israel's dead will rise up in a mighty army to face Sharon and drive him and those he recruited to dispose of the Land. No doubt, King David would take up his sword. Perhaps the thousands who died fighting the Egyptians in the Sinai or those who scaled the Golan Height to defeat Syria would rise up out of their graves to defeat any who would demolish the Jewish State they fought and died for. Remember the acclaimed Muslim poet Darweisha who tells the Jews to dig up their dead bones take them with you out of our (Muslim - sic) land.

Sharon has grown accustomed to his adopted role of dictator and becomes enraged when thwarted. When told by senior Military and Intelligence officers that a "Judenrein" (Jew-free) Gaza will become a staging area for long range, accurate missiles, shipped from Iran, he literally tells them to "Shut Up!" And he declares: nothing will stop his plans for transfer of Jews from their land.

Sharon is like a huge ship, heading toward an iceberg with so much built-up momentum, he cannot stop. Which is why Sharon's Ship of State must come to an end. The people must demand a vote, a peoples' referendum, new elections to stop the destruction, deaths, dire injuries and terror that he has wrought.

Sharon is no longer fighting for the Jews against the enemy. He is now fighting his own people to aid and comfort our declared enemies, the Arab Muslims and all who would defend their rights to attack and destroy the Jewish State. Sharon has become a clear and present danger to the Jews and the Jewish State and the people have an obligation to change this government.

There has been much talk of Civil War. Perhaps Sharon is causing this by accusing his own people of threatening him - when it is he who is threatening them.


Emanuel A. Winston is a member of the Board of Directors and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.