Freeman Center Statement on Arab Violence
September 30, 1996

By Bernard J. Shapiro

The Freeman Center views the Arab violence against the Jewish community of Israel and its Holy Places as nothing less than a 20th century pogrom. Only this time there is a difference: The Jewish community has the Iron Fist of Zahal (the Israel Defense Forces) to protect them from the murderous mob. We offer our heartfelt condolences to the soldiers and civilians who have died in this violence perpetuated and incited by Arafat and the PLO.

The Freeman Center makes the following observations and recommendations:

1. This violence was orchestrated to diminish the Israeli claim to Jerusalem. Therefore, the Israeli government must move quickly to reinforce is sovereignty in the whole Jerusalem area. This means:

A. The expulsion of the PLO police units from the city
B. The removal of all PLO offices and officials from the city including its Wakf officials
C. Annexing the area to the east of Jerusalem as far as Maale Adumim to its municipal borders
D. Massive Jewish housing in the eastern portion of the city
E. The prosecution of Islamic clerics guilty of incitement to violence against Jews
F. Assertion of the Jewish right to pray on the Temple Mount

2. The Freeman Center calls for the foundation of 14 new Jewish communities in YESHA to be named after the Israeli soldiers who bravely gave their lives defending Jews in the recent violence.

3. The Freeman Center believes that it was a mistake for Netanyahu to agree to a summit in Washington next week. Such a meeting will have the following negative effects:

A. It creates a tremendous opportunity for pressure on Israel to make concessions to Arafat.
B. It creates the appearance of moral equivalence between Arafat and Netanyahu. That has the effect of equating the Jews who were attacked and defended themselves with the mobs that attacked them. Murderer and victim should never be equated.
C. Natanyahu can not expect anything like a fair hearing in Washington. Lies will be equated with truth. Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem will be disputed along with Israel's right to take even minimal actions in its capital.

4. The Freeman Center believes, however, that Netanyahu is tremendously talented and is the best Prime Minister Israel ever had when it comes to dealing with the Americans. In the light of the above, we recommend the following:

A. Netanyahu should come to the summit with a list of DEMANDS and not come to Washington as a defendant in the dock. Offense is the best defense. Some possible demands:
a. Arafat must publicly condemn violence .
b. Arafat must apologize for the behavior of his police force and his fellow Arabs.
c. Arafat must turn over to Israel for prosecution all of his police who opened fire on Israelis.
d. Arafat must comply with all provisions of the Oslo Accord including extradition of the 20 odd terrorists murderers he is currently harboring in PA territory despite Israel's legal extradition requests.

B. Netanyahu must vigorously defend Israeli actions in Jerusalem and use the opportunity to educate the American public on the Jewish history of Jerusalem. He should also explain that Jerusalem is not a Holy Islamic city and not even mentioned in the Koran. He should explain that the Islamic sites were put on the Temple Mount for the express purpose of defaming the Jewish people and defiling their Holy Place.At the time the Moslem world was militarily supreme in Jerusalem and the Jews could do nothing. Today Israel is supreme and need not grovel before a terrorist like Arafat.

5. The Freeman Center believes that the massive media distortion in this country can be traced to latent anti-Semitism. The distortions were very blatant and include the following outrageous actions:

A. All major networks and CNN produced maps of the Temple Mount showing in error the site of the Dome of Rock over 300 meters closer to the excavated tunnel than reality. This was done to reinforce the Arab claim that somehow the tunnel affected their Holy sites.
B. All major newspaper & TV reports described the tunnel as close or under the Arab sites. This is totally false as the tunnel runs on the outside of the Temple Mount.
C. All major media kept repeating the Arab lies about the tunnel without any objective report. For example: When reporting an Arab lie like: "the tunnel damages the foundations of the Dome of Rock," the reporter never bother to add that this is blatantly false.
D. All major media failed to point out that Jerusalem is a Jewish city and Israel has full sovereignty. They falsely claimed that the Oslo Accord requires Israel to forgo any action in Jerusalem. There is nothing in the Oslo Accord that limits Israeli rule. There is an agreement to negotiate the final status of the city, but nothing that requires Jerusalem to be frozen in time.

6. The Freeman Center believes that the Oslo Agreement is an albatross around the neck of Israel. The sooner it is removed the better. We do not believe that there is "peace process." We do not believe that any action on the part of Netanyahu will damage the "peace process" since it doesn't exist.

The Freeman Center stands by my press release of September 3, 1993:

"The rush of events in the Middle East has been dizzying. The media hype, the talking heads, the worldwide expectations of peace in the Middle East are all quite staggering.Radio, TV, newspapers herald the coming of a new era of reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians. The positive images are so abundant that any moment one might expect to see Isaiah on Nightline showing Ted Koppel video clips of lions lying down with lambs. Though studying the same history as many of those cheering recent developments, I see nothing to be happy about. Once again I find myself marching to a different drummer. It has happened before, with my support for the civil rights movement (early 60's) and then the anti-war in Viet Nam struggle. Despite the media hype surrounding these developments, let me make something very clear: A leopard does not change its spots. And you can say a berachaha (Hebrew blessing) over a ham sandwich, but that doesn't make it kosher. And a deal with the PLO is like a dance on quicksand --before you realize it, you have sunk into the muck and slime."

You may have noticed that I devoted little space defending Israel's actions in relation to the tunnel. The reason is that the tunnel is irrelevant to the violence cause by the vicious Arab hatred of Jews. Some have said that we should try not to offend the Arabs. Please note that being an independent Jew in the land of Israel also greatly offends the Arabs. Zionism represents a great turning point in Jewish history, when Jews decided never again to ask permission TO LIVE IN ERETZ YISRAEL. HaShem in His Wisdom gave this Land to the Jewish people in perpetuity. That is all the permission Netanyahu needs to exercise Israeli rule in its ancient capital: Jerusalem.

Respectfully submitted With Love of Israel
Bernard J. Shapiro, Executive Director
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies & Editor, THE MACCABEAN

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