From The Jerusalem Post, Friday August 30, 1996

The Wolf is Waiting at the Door

By Elyakim Ha'etzni

Little Blue-White Riding Hood: "Grandmother, why are your teeth so sharp?"
Wolf: "I've readied them for Peace, my child!" (Adapted from the Brothers Grimm)

The celebration at Beit Gavriel on the Kinneret of three years since the initialing of the Oslo accords was a joyous gathering of prominent Israelis and PLO officials. But those Israeli Jews who were not indifferent were gravely concerned.

Arafat threatens another intifada if we don't immediately cover his $130m. deficit. But this, and more, is the sum he spends each year in maintaining his army of 30,000 "policemen" and their Israeli-supplied AK assault rifles (and other arms smuggled in) to sharpen his "peace" teeth.

The new intifada will not be fought with stones; this much we saw from the hail of bullets that rained on a Kiryat Arbabus just hours after Arafat declared a general strike onWednesday.

Israel since its establishment has viewed the introduction of foreign troops into Jordan as a casus belli. Now a terrorist army, soon to number 50,000, is at the outskirts of all our cities.This threat of armed intifada hangs over our heads unless,for instance, we lift the closure in order to feed 100,000 brave and proud (but hungry) Palestinians. Before Oslo there was an arrangement of convenieince between two peoples living on the same land. After Oslo it has become an entitlement, part of a whole pattern of Israeli economic subservience to "Falastin."

The economic hardships generated by the closure and Arafat's repressive reign of terror, coupled with a corruption that shocks, even here in the Middle East, are leading to a social and political explosion in Green-Line Israel. Something else to remember on this third anniversary: The intifada before Oslo had been almost totally subdued under chief of staff Ehud Barak and Moshe Ya'alon, military commander in Judea-Sumaria. The PLO was powerless - starved out, bankrupt and ostracized after Arafat's miscalculated support of Saddam Hussein in the Gulf war.

It was Oslo that transferred the whole terrorist establishment from Tunis to Israel, rehabilitated it and enriched it with billions of dollars.

Now Arafat's police-army is at the gates of Jerusalem and inside the city, as well as at the gates of Tel Aviv, sharpening its peace teeth for the day when Israel refuses to surrender Jerusalem, allow a Palestinian state or sanction the return of the 1948 "refugees."

At Beit Gavriel Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin gloated over the "irreversibility" of Oslo, over the "fait accompli from which there is no way back." For any standstill in the process, Beilin said, "might lead to war."

But what Beilin failed to see was that pre-Oslo the Arab world was in disarray. It was the "Oslo conspiracy" that cemented this very Arab "peace coalition" together; it could well transform it overnight into a war coalition when Israel has nothing left to give.

According to the Oslo timetable, we have yet to undergo two more "redeployments," carrying Arafat's benign rule from the suburbs of Petah Tikva to the banks of the Jordan River. Because of Oslo, Judea, Samaria and Gaza are already one huge arsenal.

Our vaunted General Security Service has become eyeless in Gaza, and our network of informers, relinquished, was destroyed by the Palestinians through torture. This means that the GSS cannot walk without Palestinian crutches. For the first time in 100 years the Jews in Eretz Israel must entrust their security to a foreign power.

There was more to rejoice over a Beit Gavriel: Before Oslo, we were concerned about the "demographic demon." No more. The Tunis people, the imported police-army and the porous border arrangements have swelled the number of Arabs by at least 200,000. Add to this over a million "displaced" persons from 1967, (to be brought back according to Oslo), and we find the demographic balance of western Eretz Israel reversed even before talks about the 1949 "refugees" begin.

The"'Oslo government" created the Ministry for Internal Security, but it gravely undermined that security by transforming eight cities into bases for training thieves, saboteurs and murderers and providing them with refuge.

One could add the destruction of our agriculture by the limitless import of autonomy produce (not to mention the health risk of polluted vegetables and spoiled meat).

Then there is our obligation to supply elecricity, water andtelecommunication services virtually gratis to fuel the "process."Perhaps we won't mention the hidden subsidy of almost NIS 2b. in stolen cars, and the tens of millions in unpaid Palestinian debts to Israelis.

The Beit Gavriel guests clearly weren't worried by the wildcat water drilling in the Gaza Strip which has totally destroyed the water table there, or by the illegal drilling in Jenin that endangers the entire Jezreel Valley.

Some more Oslo blessings? There's the Palestinzation of the Israeli Arabs, whose loyalty will now be gravely in doubt especially in time of war; and the new hot houses of incitement and hostile propaganda planted right in the middle of our country by the radio, TV and schools and colleges of the autonomy.

Oslo is squeezing us into a narrow urban ghetto. The empty spaces are to be filled by Arab newcomers pressing on the Green Line from the east, and that will cause a massive emigraion of disillusioned Israelis.

What the celebrants at Beit Gavriel will never understand is the tragic division within the Jewish people, and the majority feeling that a historical, cultural and religious crime has been committed.

For the first time in our history, a Jewish leadership has willingly ceded our ancestral land - and our very right to live here at all.

Elyakim Ha'etzni is a lawyer and former MK, lives in Kiryat Arba. The Freeman Center considers him a true Jewish hero: a modern day Maccabean.

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