Pressuring Israel

By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The coordinated pressure put on Israel clearly speaks of an influential nation calling the shots for another sovereign nation. When Likud won the election, Benjamin Netanyahu was expected by his citizens to follow the mandate upon which he won, namely security. Once in power, Bibi did not go along with the concessions that the US Administration had arranged with Peres and Clinton was furious.

The Peres government had secretly agreed to such extraordinary surrenders of land that even the Leftists began to worry. The Palestinians expected the US to deliver every concession that they had wrung from Peres despite their abrogation of almost every line of Oslo. Assad of Syria, with American leadership, had squeezed Peres to give up all of the Golan Heights down to the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret). Bibi refused to do this and was holding firm on security, so America pulled the plug.

Ask Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk if THEY carried the message to Assad of Syria, Arafat and Mubarak of Egypt to rattle their sabers. Assad was obviously advised to initiate maneuvers on Israel's borders to bring enormous pressures on Israel to comply with all Peres' concessions. On its southern border, Egypt, always in close contact with its American financial benefactor, began the largest military maneuvers since its attack on Israel in 1973 code-named "Bandar '73". NOT coincidentally these maneuvers were called "Bandar '96", sending a threatening message to Israel to remind her of Egypt and Syria's sneak attack on Yom Kippur 1973. The idea was to create familiar war tensions among the Israelis and place a heavy financial burden by keeping the Army fully mobilized.

While these two powerful nations were rattling sabers on Israel's northern and southern borders, Arafat incited coordinated riots in the center of the country. Any excuse could have been used but it was convenient for Arafat to choose the opening of an exit door to the 2200 year old Jewish tunnel from the Hasmonean period. He aroused religious fervor by falsely claiming that the Israelis had tunneled under the mosque and golden dome of the Rock, when in fact the tunnel was partly a natural structure, partly dug 2200 years ago as a water tunnel and at least 250 meters (yards) away from those two Moslem sites.

The tunnel excavation and restoration has been ongoing since 1968 and the tunnel has actually been open to the public since 1985. In contrast to Arafat's riots, Israel brought the issue to UNESCO in 1974 who stated that its restoration in no way endangered the Moslem sites. The entrance runs along the entire Western Wall and exits under the Moslem quarter at the Via Delorosa, a course of 350 meters (yards) through ancient history. It is open to all, and can now accommodate 400,000 people a year - unless the Moslems, aided by the US and the media, find a way to destroy this freedom. They have threatened to blow up this ancient tunnel!

The facts were irrelevant to the Leftist press. The archeological authorities of Israel had a long term working pact with the Moslem Wakf (Moslem keepers of the Temple Mount sites). The Wakf agreed to a trade-off if they could use Solomon's Stables as additional prayer space. However, they exploited this deal to dig out and cement over any traces of Solomon's First Temple to "de-Judaize Jerusalem" (Arafat). Both Arafat and Hanan Ashrari repeatedly accused Netanyahu on television that he was trying to "further Judaize Jerusalem". Imagine that! The Jews were Judaizing Jerusalem! The world press, showing its bias, didn't question the absurdity of that statement but accepted its "dangers" with solemnity.

As part of the orchestrated pressure tactics, the UN passed a resolution censuring Israel (14 to zero - America abstained). The UN has hundreds of resolutions condemning Israel, but they never manage to condemn Arab aggression against Israel. Nation after nation made a "holier than thou" speech. France decried Israel's aggression and supported Arafat. But wasn't it France, along with Germany, England, and with America's approval, who provided Iraq with nuclear, biological and chemical materials for weapons of mass destruction? Are not these same nations even today shipping these same materials to Syria and Iran for vast cash payments? Don't they worry that these weapons can easily be targeted at their countries as well as Israel? How could PM Netanyahu possibly not worry about Israel's security with guarantees from these noble nations? While the US used its abstention as a farcical mask in great pretense that it was the "even-handed broker of peace", its State Dept. was busy working the phone lines.

Now there were three major threats brought to bear against PM Netanyahu. All were coordinated; all with the purpose of keeping Israel in a state of panic; and all intended to give President Clinton his foreign policy win before November elections - a Mideast summit with him saving the "peace". As for Arafat, he has said again and again recorded on television that he will "march from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea and take Jerusalem as our capital of the State of Palestine and ONLY our State, and anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water." His partners are the radical leaders of the Arab world, the Western nations who suck on the teat of Arab oil and the rapidly expanding world of fanatical Islam. Even the US is experiencing the bomb sting from those scorpions. Despite the fact that Jerusalem was rejected as a holy city by Mohammed and was rejected as the capital of any of its many conquerors, now that the Jews have united and cleaned up the city - everyone wants it in "their" hands. Controlling Jerusalem would prove they and their religion are "number one" the "chosen" by G-d.

For the first time in centuries Christians don't have to beg Moslem clerics for the key to open the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. For the first time Moslems are also free to worship (except when they come to throw rocks down on Jewish worshippers or one of them blows up buses). Only the Jews made it a law that all have the right to pray with no interference (except the Jews aren't allowed to pray on their ancient Temple Mount because it might offend Moslem sensitivities). But, now the Arabs want it ALL Jerusalem and the Western world seems willing to have the Jews removed from Jerusalem. The US Congress has consistently refused to hold full and open hearings on US foreign policy in the Mideast.The corruption marking America's dealings with Arab dictators is a series of filthy scandals awaiting exposure. US officials have bribed Arab dictators and shamefully betrayed their ally Israel to please killers. Pressuring Israel by colluding with its hostile neighbors to force suicidal compliance with a monstrously unfair, unsafe, and one-sided Oslo agreement is the latest cruel inequity forced upon Israel by the current and prior US Administrations.

Now, watch the vise Clinton puts on Bibi in this latest summit. With Clinton, Arafat, Mubarak and Hussein it's four against one. Bibi should say this: "WE CAN'T GO FORWARD UNTIL WE CLEAN UP THE MESS LEFT BEHIND. WE MUST RE-REGISTER ALL PALESTINIAN POLICE AND THOSE IN THE 9 OTHER PLO "SECRET SERVICES" AND WE MUST REGISTER ALL OF THEIR WEAPONS".

Arafat, his terrorist policemen and the Palestinians have shown just how thin their idea of peace really is.

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