The Armored Dove

By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst and Commentators

Jack Kemp, when asked if he was a dove or hawk replied: "I am a heavily armored dove," (New York Times 9/11/96). I could not help but think that Israel is the quintessential armored dove. The Jews returned to their homeland as Doves -seeking only peace - to till the land and live in harmony withtheir Arab neighbors. Instead, they were greeted with threats, terrorist attacks and full fledged assaults by as many as 7 Arabarmies in 7 wars. The Arab countries and even the PLO pledge to wage full scale 'Jihad' (Moslem Holy War) against the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jewish doves began to add layers of armor like an ancient shield. After each attack, they were forced to prepare defenses to close a widening gap. The world at large was of little help as they embargoed the new nation from 1948 (and at various other times since) while openly selling arms to the Arabs. These same nations, Axis and Allies, who all played a role in the decimation of European Jewry once again were assisting in what was to the be very last spark of the Jews. In 1948 Israel was expected to be smashed by 7 Arab armies and the West would mourn with crocodile tears that would once again arrive too late - as planned.

So the Doves grew armored feathers. First rifles and hand guns. Then junk armor was bought for exorbitant prices from some Communist countries glad to get rid of worn out World War II equipment. After each unwanted war, Israel learned the art of fighting, capturing enemy equipment and rebuilding it to a higher level of efficiency. Soon, because the good nations of the world refused to sell Israel top flight equipment, Israel began to manufacture its own. The Armored Dove began to grow to maturity. As the Arabs lost war after war which they had started, they grew frantic in their need to expunge the shame of defeat from the hands of the previously weak Jews and spent fortunes on war material, simultaneously enriching western arms manufacturers.

Countries like Germany, France, England and, yes, America began to sell everything to these radical genocidal leaders. Even nuclear, chemical and biological weapons were transferred to these nations. Cash flow was the only thing that mattered, although more thoughtful people knew that, in time, these horrible weapons of mass destruction could very well be returned to Berlin, Paris, London, New York and obliterate these cities. But business is business. Right?! The small Dove of Israel now carried very heavy battle armor. It was capable of fighting a coalition of Arab armies. The West, particularly the US, knew that if the Arabs used its overwhelming strength with quantities of top-of-the-line conventional weapons or wielded the now available catastrophic weapons (nuclear, biological or chemically tipped missiles), Israel would likely destroy most of the Arab cities and possibly the oil fields. This would be the price for betraying a vulnerable friend and ally. And this is one of the key reasons that the US State Dept. tasked Egypt to demand Israel give up its nuclear deterrence. They simply did not want Israel to have a response capability if any of the Arab countries Israel attacked with catastrophic weapons. Israel is now faced with issuing a very quiet ultimatum. Since most of the Arab countries only work together and agree on one issue - the destruction of Israel - then they should be treated as one collective enemy. The message Israel must send to each Arab ruler is this:

"Because you have armed yourselves with area-wide weapons of mass destruction -
"Because we are a very small country and cannot hope to stop all the missiles you can afford to send against us -
"Because the West has been unwilling to cease the sale or transfer of technology for nuclear, biological and chemical weapons -

"Because of these reasons - we issue this proposal:

"The Arab Nations, ALL the Arab nations and their Western suppliers will become our protectors. In their own best interests, they will watch each other and force any single one of them to stand down any plans of attack against us."

"We the nation of Israel, as a matter of LAST RESORT,will launch PRE-TARGETED missiles at ALL Arab cities, military centers and oil fields, if we are ever targeted by missiles with unconventional warheads. Because you often coordinate plans regarding Israel, we hold you ALL, singly and collectively responsible for our safety. If any one or more of you launch unconventional strikes against our country, we will destroy ALL of your population centers, reducing your lands to their primitive beginnings. The oil fields, so prized by the West that they were willing to accept our destruction through the sale of catastrophic weapons, will see those fields unusable for hundreds of years.

"While we all hope and pray for peace, you have taught us that the Dove must come to the peace table, heavily armored and ready to defend our country all by ourselves. You are many nations with untold riches. You have vast armies with unlimited numbers of people whom you have been willing to expend in battle. You know that we are small; we cannot hope to match with money your purchases of military equipment nor can we afford the vast losses of our young men in battle."

"In the Jewish Bible, G-d offers us the choice of good or evil (deeds), instructing us to choose good so that we may live. We suggest that you also choose good, because the alternative to life is permanent."

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