By Ruth and Nadia Matar

The U.S. State Department really deals in absurdities. Take its stance on its support for the agreement whereby Jewish families would be removed from their Mount of Olives home because the State Department does not want the "character of the neighborhood to change." It was a euphemistic way of saying that the more than one half million Jews who have been buried in the adjacent holy cemetery on the Mount of Olives, and the few recent Arab arrivals, should determine the character of the neighborhood. It is definitely not to come alive with living Jews! So, when the Messiah will come from the Mount of Olives, as the Prophet Zechariah predicted, leading the revived dead to the Temple Mount, it will not be with the U.S. State Department's approval. The Messiah would be "changing the character" of the neighborhood, and that is Verboten!

It is so typical of American policy with regard to Israel. It comes up with guiding principles that apply only to Israel, but have no application whatsoever to life in America. Imagine any U.S. Court dealing with the claim that Negroes could not come into a white neighborhood because that would "change the character" of the neighborhood. Yet, Jews are to be excluded from living in an ancient Jewish area, because recent Arab migration into the area finally has given the neighborhood "character." Any Jew living there would spoil this wonderful "character" of the neighborhood, created by the filth and unsanitary conditions these Arabs have brought with them. So, too, they have given "character" to the area with the violence and threats of violence these Arabs cause to Jews visiting the graves of their departed ancestors buried on this Mount of Olives, and the desecration they vent on these Jewish graves. There is no attempt, whatsoever, by any Arab residents in the area to chastise or prevent such monstrous behavior by their kinsmen.

The bizarre aspects of such a ludicrous policy continue. What is truly amazing is the brazenness, and callousness of the reasons given by the State Department, and the comparative silence of American Jewry to this hypocrisy, and blatant anti-Semitism. It is amusing that the State Department spokesman is probably an assimilated Jew. James Rubin has all the earmarks of having somewhere in his past some association with the Jewish People. His surname certainly sounds that way. Be that as it may, we wonder if the "character" of the respective neighborhoods in which he, as well as Martin Indyk, Sandy Berger and Dennis Ross presently live, have been changed by their presence. Women In Green support that each of them, together with their families, be immediately removed from their homes, to be consistent with the U. S. State Department's aforesaid guidelines for Israelites.


Ruth and Nadia Matar are founders and co-presidents of WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW (WOMEN IN GREEN)
[Jerusalem, September 25, 1997]

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