By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Each morning Jews around the world turn on their news stations to learn if the body count in Israel has risen. Since Oslo and the Clinton arranged handshake on the White House lawn 9/93, 300 Jews have been murdered by Palestinian Arabs and several thousand injured, some maimed for life.

As in the past, Jews are being savaged, with the nations of the world either looking on with passive concern or actively conspiring with the killers. Today we can track weapons of enormous killing power being sold to Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt by the nations of Germany, France, Russia, China, North Korea - with an American overview.

It took Hitler four years of World War II to kill 6 million or more Jews. The arsenal being sold to these radical terrorist nations could decimate Israel's population centers in hours - possibly only minutes. Will it be that once again the nations shall stand by and watch a whole people be destroyed? Yes, I think they will only watch or, as before, even aggressively assist. We have just seen the disgusting and humiliating display of Madame Albright deliver a threat to the Israeli government. In effect, the message said: "No matter how many Jews are killed by Arafat's savages; no matter how many times he breaks every line of the moribund Olso treaty obligations, the Jews must still live with this suicide pact." In a barely transparent effort to appease the Islamic nations of the regions, Albright gave new meaning to the term: moral equivalency. Building homes and bombing Jews are morally equal. Jews of Israel may not build homes in their capital of Jerusalem so Arafat will be free to claim that city for his own capital - as he has so often proclaimed: "Jerusalem as the capital of ONLY the Palestinian State, and anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza Sea water."

History seems to have become irrelevant to the nations, to the Press, to the Leftists. Arafat lies in the face of 3000 years of documented history and the media, reflecting their governments' views, print his Big Lies as truth. Rabin/Peres/Beilin lived in Israel but never really understood the neighborhood or its people. These sad specimens of Jews had little or no use for their own religion. Beilin has even said publicly that he would not know what to tell a child of his who might marry out of Judaism. Being empty of a noble ideology themselves, they could not understand the commitment of Muslims to Islam and their Koranic injunctions.

Even when a Muslim is non-observant, he can be brought to a frenzied zeal when goaded by Islamic clerics to Itbach al Yehud (Kill the Jews), the battle cry of the Muslim Jihad (Holy War). Those Muslims who are observant can be too easily persuaded to gain the rewards of an Islamic warriors' paradise by executing a suicide bombing.

Rabin/Peres/Beilin lived in a bubble, insulated from the on-ground realities of an enemy so dedicated to elimination of the Jewish presence that nothing would stop them. Even the dovish Peres once said: "The Arabs have made over 350 agreements between themselves this century and have broken every one." Would this not tell these three fools that what they were promising in Oslo was to be a death bed confession of criminal ignorance. Three little men who will not be anything but a minor footnote in history secretly committed an entire nation to a suicide pact.

We seem to be in a period of extreme danger. If you are an observer of weapons' shipments, betrayal by the world's nations in exchange for cash flow, you might conclude that a war is imminent. If you have observed Germany, France, Russia, China, North Korea shipping deadly weapons of mass destruction, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) with full knowledge of American Presidents, then you know that there is intent, well beyond selling for the profit that these weapons' sales will earn. We see several nations, including various Presidents of the United States agreeing that, to pacify the hostile Arab countries 'for the good of all' (read: for the purpose of profitable commerce), Israel is expendable.

The think-tanks of the anti-Jewish State Department, the White House, the collaborators with Germany, France, England's leadership have concluded that, nothing less than the elimination of the Jewish State will appease the Arabs. These forces are sufficiently informed to know that, whether it is 50, 100 or 500 years, the Islamic culture driven by Koranic teachings will continue pursuing their war option against Israel. For nations who must look forward several hundred years in terms of oil and other raw resources, clearly, the best accommodation for world trade is to allow the Muslims to drive Israel into extinction. Regretably, actions of Israel's leadership, initiated by the Left, seem to be acting to accommodate these aspirations. Ironically, this reminds us of the story of two Jews in front of a firing squad. When the officer asks if they want a blindfold, one of the Jews says: "Go to Hell." The other says, "What, are you crazy? Do you want to make them mad?"

However, the West's commerce-driven decisions exhibit the same pathetic ignorance of the Arabs' Muslim culture and history as exhibited by Rabin and Peres. The West also believes that Islamic Fundamentalists can be appeased and the Muslims will go back into a long slumber. But, having sold the Arabs NBC, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons with the ballistic missiles to transport them, the nations of the world will suffer for their short-sighted greed. We may soon hear threats coming from Arab terrorists that they have set small nuclear weapons in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Following that, the capital cities of the world, including Washington, New York, Paris, Moscow, London, et al will also one day receive a message that their city is about to experience a nuclear explosion.

This may have happened already, given that 4 to 6 tactical nukes went missing shortly after the breakup of the Soviet Union. More recently on the CBS TV show '60 Minutes' Russian General Alexander Lebed publicly confirmed that close to 100 miniature nuclear devices called "suitcase bombs" are missing.(1) We in the West have poured gasoline on a fire and jumped in with both feet.

The religious have an informed view of what to expect. They believe that a world conflagration is imminent because the Biblical messages from the Prophets are accurate: 'The hordes from the North (Syria, Iran, Iraq et al) will descend upon Israel and that, when there is a only remnant left, the earth will shake with earthquakes and fire will sweep across the nations. Whole mountain ranges will sink into the earth's mantle; tidal waves and storms of catastrophic intensity will sweep the earth.' (2) Sounds familiar? Strangely, these events are taking place now and growing in fury.

Both observant Jews and Christian fundamentalists believe this is what's coming. If you track parallel secular information about weapons' sales, planning in the governments of the nations to eliminate the source of Arab irritation, you may find yourself agreeing with the religious prophecies of Armageddon. If you are watching the world's volcanoes or are knowledgeable about plate tectonics, you will have observed a ramping up of volcanic activity, accompanied by earthquakes. If you track the weather via satellite, you see reports of killer floods, droughts, hurricanes, as if nature was going wild. If you are a scientist you are likely to say that the earth is merely acting according to scientific principles governed by solar activity or el Nio. But, if you are a G-d fearing religious person, you may conclude that mankind has shown it is no better and, in fact, worse than the most savage beast deserving of His wrath.

The Jews seemed to have played the role of the ultimate litmus test for humankind. The test is now conclusive - humans failed and it is now a time of justice and retribution. Whether the humans of earth go by way of nuclear explosions and radioactive fallout, or it is Divine intervention that brings volcanic fire from the earth's core, the human race seems close to midnight and on the verge of unimaginable catastrophe.

While this conclusion may be too apocalyptic for the reader, perhaps the outcome can be rewritten as in the story of Jonah. G-d told Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh to tell them to repent the evil of their ways. Jonah didn't want to deliver the message because he thought the evil doers of Nineveh deserved the fate of Sodom. Jonah was forced to deliver the message and, from the King to the lowliest, the citizens of Nineveh covered themselves with sackcloth and ashes. They vowed to repent and change, thus, according to the Bible, Nineveh was spared. (3)

Frankly, I do not believe world leaders, greedy businessmen, Moslem fundamentalists and the nations of the world can be led into reform of any kind. While there are certainly good people among them, they have allowed themselves to be led by the most evil inclinations of the human race. Perhaps the philosopher/longshoreman, Eric Hoffer said it best: "As it goes for the Jews, so it will go with the rest of the world." So watch the morning news for the number of Jews killed and then turn to the weather page. The two may have much in common.

1. "Gore Clinches Nuclear Arms Deal with Russia" by Colin McMahon CHICAGO TRIBUNE 9/24/97

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