After Five Years


By Bernard J. Shapiro

1. The Palestinians expect and will demand that every Jew be removed from their areas of control including the whole of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. This obviously conflicts with #2.

2. The Jews of YESHA not only plan to stay in their homes but will fight for them militarily. The number of Jews in YESHA is about 170,000. Not counting women, children, and men over 50 leaves about 40,000 men capable of resisting a PLO armed force. These men are almost all IDF veterans and reservists with army issue UZI's or M-16 with about two clips (30 rounds per clip) of ammunition. All Jewish villages are on the hills with a commanding view of the area. The Arab villages control the roads creating a strategic situation similar to the pre-state fighting of 1947-48. The Jews in YESHA are in some shock and can't believe that their government is really doing this to them. There a great need to get past the shock and make serious preparations for the coming battles.


(1) Increase dramatically the number of weapons in the hands of YESHA residents.

(2) bring ammunition supplies up to a minimum of 300 rounds per gun

(3) stockpile food, medicine and water supplies for 30 days in case the roads are impassable

(4) all vehicles that have been equipped with shatterproof windows to deflect rocks need to be re-equipped to become fully bullet-proof

(5) Each community needs several trucks armored to withstand 50 caliber machine gun fire and small grenades

(6) Each YESHA community needs to begin constructing bunkers and hardened firing positions.

(7) Artillery and mortars need to be acquired that are capable of hitting nearby Arab villages participating in the siege of YESHA communities.


1. When war breaks out between the Palestinians and YESHA, will the IDF intervene on the side of the Palestinians? or the Jews?

2. Will the IDF try to evict Jews from their homes in YESHA?

3. When war breaks out between the Palestinians and YESHA will the IDF prevent other Arab countries like Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Iraq from intervening on the side of the Palestinians?

4. Will hostility to the Israeli government's policies affect donations to Federations Appeals, JNF and Israel Bonds?

5. Will American Jews support the forcible eviction of Jews from their homes in Israel to make the area Judenrein for the Palestinian?

6. Is there a moral difference between the transfer of Arabs from Judea, Samaria and Gaza and the transfer of Jews from the same area?

[Author Note: Part of this call for preparedness was printed following my trip to Israel in 1994. I studied in detail the security conditions in Israel and YESHA. Unfortunately little has been done to improve the situation.]

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