By Emanuel A. Winston

We Jews are well aware of our history and of those who wished to destroy us. They were not always outsiders but, sadly, some were Jews - like Herod, Josephus, the Judenrat in Nazi Europe. In our modern day, we have dedicated Leftists gathered under the umbrella of the Labor and Meretz parties. There are two relevant current articles which speak about "The Enemy Within". Both articles speak of Jews who hate being Jewish, who hate our history and anyone or anything which calls attention to our Jewishness.

Shimon Riklin writes: "Israeli History in Palestinian Hands" in MAKOR RISHON September 11, 1998.(1) Riklin tells us an extraordinarily ugly story of how the Leftists designed Oslo in part to rid Israel and the Jewish people of their historic and religious archeological sites. Prof. Louis Rene Beres writes: "'Black Ants' and 'Humming Locusts': Jewish Self-Hatred Within the Israeli Left" in THE JEWISH PRESS September 11, 1998. (2) An even uglier story.

Mr. Riklin explores the extraordinary give-aways of our Jewish archaeological history by Rabin/Peres/Beilin and other Leftists. At first thought, most people believed that ceding religious sites to Arafat was merely a matter of a badly written agreement called Oslo. But, looking deeper, it appears that the ultra-Leftists of the Rabin Government used the so-called Peace Process to cut off the national memory of Judaism by riding the nation of over 90% of Jewish holy sites.

Rabin absorbed the diktats of his socialist mother called Rosa, the Red. Peres is an ultra-Leftist deeply enamored of the French Socialists. Yossi Beilin has publicly stated he would not be able to give his children any reason to remain Jewish. These three main architects of the secret Oslo Accords all rejected the Jewish religion and those who believed in it. Oslo gave opportunity for the radical godless Left to amputate Jewish history by giving its most holy sites to a world class terrorist who would never relinquish those sites or allow mandated access. They would also deny "academic freedom" for archeological exploration to insure that Palestinian claims to the land are not challenged with archeological proof. Precious Jewish artifacts are being stolen and destroyed by the Palestinians.

Archeological sites, graves of our ancestors, ancient synagogues, any place a religious Jew might visit in reverence, was to be abandoned whenever possible under the deadly Oslo Accords. Regrettably, Prime Minister Netanyahu, who has often declared his affection for the historic antiquities of the Jewish people, has joined this cabal of pure evil, hopefully unwittingly. Bibi surrendered the city of Hebron which is the most holy of Jewish cities, second only to Jerusalem. Hebron holds the burial cave Abraham bought to bury Sarah which also houses the tombs of Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah. No Muslim Arab or Christian European would have parted with such a religious national treasure but, the unconscionable Leftist did - and our current Prime Minister weakly consummated their plans.

People without pride in themselves or their heritage are doomed creatures, wandering the earth, hoping to attach their lonely souls to other nations, other religions in the hope that they will be accepted. Like a wooden dummy with no heart, no soul, and not even his own voice, they must rely upon others to fill the emptiness inside of them. These empty creatures hate the G-d who restrains their tendencies toward evil by giving the Jewish people 10 Commandants and 613 additional rules of life to follow. These lost people hate and despise the prophets on which Jewish life is based. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and the great Rabbis of all generations are despised baggage these sad creatures do not wish to carry. They struggle to make common cause with the enemies of the Jewish people, just so they can rid themselves of the restraints of decency. If they were not so dedicated to the destruction of their own people, perhaps we could feel pity.

The Leftists Laborites have always shown an ugly side when dealing with their inherited religion. During the Holocaust when the British prevented Jews from immigrating into Palestine, the early Jewish Agency under David Ben Gurion favored the anti-religious Leftists in issuing immigration permits or smuggling them out. During Israel's first beginnings we see such horrors as very religious Jewish children being shorn of their peyot (earlocks) and thrust into anti-religious children's kibbutzim to strip them of their Jewish heritage. The scandal of the missing children especially from the very religious Yemenite community and other Sephardic families is now breaking open. Labor Leftist heads of the tent camps told parents their healthy children had died but now we are learning many were literally stolen and placed with non-religious childless couples.

This heartless bunch hates the religious and maintains the belief that we Jews can be like all other people if we abandon our Jewish religion. They can't understand that other nations honor their religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, et al). They hold in contempt those who dishonor their own religion as the Leftists do. But, too many of our emotionally crippled leaders wish to either divest themselves of any religion or slowly convert to something that more or less mimics Christianity. They, and especially their children who have been denied any education about the beauty and wisdom of their heritage are prime targets for the many "warm hearted" missionaries waiting to pluck them up.

Giving away our Jewish heritage was not an accident but a deliberately thought out plan by the Labor/Meretz Government and their camp followers. Clearly, they are the ENEMY WITHIN. Professor Louis Rene Beres describes how the Israeli Left In a fit of self-loathing has picked up the chant of Hitler's hate mongers against the Jews. Beres tells us that, among Leftist politicians and so-called intellectuals, a new industry finds the ugliest expressions for religious Jews, the Hareidim. Without those religious Jews whose faith has kept alive for 2000 years the fervent goal to return to Israel and Jerusalem, these Leftists wouldn't even exist because Judaism would have died centuries ago. Instead of honoring them for preserving their own peoplehood, the Leftists and anti-religious of today - some children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors - have demonized those most faithful to Judaism.

This list was collected by Arie Stav, the distinguished editor of NATIV magazine in Israel and are direct quotations. (3) Please excuse the offensive insult written herein, but these are some of the vile provocative epithets the Left Laborites have hurled at people who are religiously observant Jews:

"Black ants." "Dogs tied up in the back yard, barking psalms all night." "Humming locusts." "Forces of darkness of our age." "A deadly plague." "Forces of darkness and kidnappers of Souls." "Vulgar baboons." "Barbarians, the Black Front...representing the magical, bewitched and most primitive...whose schools are colleges of darkness." "The darkest and most horrible phenomena (sic) of our age." (by a senior Israeli diplomat serving in the United States) From two different Members of Knesset: "Leeches, snakes, suckled on the same evil urges as Nazism, greedy and domineering, evil and primitive, corrupt, parasites, ambitious." "A horrible evil, a black devil." Finally, Arie Stav quotes one of Israel's best-known writers: "A band of armed gangsters, committing crimes against humanity, sadists, pogromchiks and murderers."

Stav quotes even worse examples of statements and caricatures that are actually blood libel by the self-styled "intellectual elite of the Israeli Left. They are authors, members of Knesset, senior journalists, diplomats and professors. These are the "Peace Camp', the 'camp of the progressives, liberals and pluralists' who bathe themselves daily in the values of democracy and tolerance. All these quotations appeared in newspapers and other periodicals or were spoken in the Knesset. Are you shocked that Jews could reach such a level of foaming-at-the-mouth rage as to incite others and even non-Jews to hate, leading to violence against religious Jews, just because they serve G-d?

Professor Beres ponders: How can Jews so despise fellow Jews and themselves to adopt the anti-Semitic expressions of the Nazis? Beres raises the question: These people whose level of hatred for the Jewishness of our people causes them to reject their own past, are they really Jewish? Perhaps the answer lies in a contaminated blood line. When Moses left Egypt, the dregs of Egyptian low-life took this opportunity to escape their low existence and joined the Hebrews' Exodus. These were not Jews but idol worshippers and criminals. They were called the "Erev Rav" or Mixed Multitudes. Clearly, Moses learned of his mistake when he went to the mountain to receive the Tablets, only to return to riotous calamity in the camp. The "Erev Rav" incited the people to demand of Aaron a golden calf - an idol god of Egypt. Through their 40 years in the desert the "Erev Rav" were always at the heart of complaints and revolt. Like the evil things they were, they seduced the Jews into making such demands as returning to the slave camps and flesh pots of Egypt where they could eat what they wanted (treif).

I believe that today, within Israel and the Jewish Diaspora, this strain of genetic evil remains. This is the only logical explanation of this perpetuating cabal with their self-destructive motivation that rises to destroy us as from within. They are always enthusiastic supporters of our most dedicated enemies. They have tried to "reform" Judaism to resemble the dominant Christian culture in their longing to be accepted and even liked. Who can forget in the early 1980's when Rabin and Peres were in illegal contact with Arafat, properly labeled as the Chief Terrorist who, as today, was promising and delivering death to the Jewish people wherever weakness allowed his murderers to penetrate.

So, in addition to giving away and cutting off the Jewish people from our most precious religious, historical and archeological sites, there is a second prong of their attack which is inciting Jews against their own religion and those who faithfully sustain it. Surely, they will rejoice in the destruction of every vestige of Jewish history, leaving nothing - even for their own children.

The Enemy Without has always declared themselves in words and deeds. The Enemy Within play a more insidious game with stealth, murderous stealth.


1. "Israeli History in Palestinian Hands" by Shimon Riklin, MAKOR RISHON 9/11/98 in ISRAELI & GLOBAL NEWS Website:

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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies. Email:

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