By Emanuel A. Winston

It would appear that the European nations have once again surfaced as operational anti-Semites with the whip in hand. Since 1945, when World War II ended and with the exposure of their participation of anti-Jewish horrors, the Europeans have kept their profile low but no longer. Although they worked in secret concert with the Arabs against the new born Jewish State, they could not (until now) attack the Jews boldly, as they wished to. In recent years all of the European nations were exposed to having criminally conspired to financially benefit from their theft of Jewish possessions during Hitler's war years.

Switzerland is furious over being discovered stealing money from the dead Jews even as they laundered gold for the Germans.(1) European insurance companies are being forced to face up to paying the Holocaust victims' heirs for the deaths of the 6 million.(2) Volkswagen is creating a modest $12 million fund for Nazi-era slave laborers, most of whom were worked to death.(3) Austria moves toward returning art works confiscated by the Nazis and held by the Austrians.(4) The Red Cross was a silent witness to the Holocaust, and failed in modern history's worst humanitarian crisis, in effect, collaborating with the Nazis. (5) The Vatican reportedly hid at least 200 million Swiss francs (now worth $170 million) for the deadly Utashas of Croatia, plus gold ingots shipped by the fascist Romanian government to Swiss Banks - according to a declassified US Treasury memo of 10/21/46. (6)

France has been exposed as having expropriated all Jewish wealth after they rounded up their Jews for transfer to the incoming Germans. It was reported that Francois Mitterand seized Jewish apartments while he was Mayor of Paris - distributing them to friends, relations and important business men. Yes, they (the Europeans) were all involved in massive theft and they hate the Jews even more now as their venality is exposed to the world.

Now the Europeans are openly attacking the Jewish State both in the mode of Jews hatred and the approval (read: contracts) they hope to receive from the Arabs through the abortive Oslo Accords. They hide behind that high level of approval for Arafat and his Palestinian terrorists. Suddenly, a terrible murderer and a violent people are the darlings of the Europeans as their present instrument of hatred.

I think, if oil was not underfoot and money to be made in selling weapons, those sensitive, noble Europeans would view Arabs as the English do...wogs or ragheads. As any prostitute can tell you, for a fee they will agree to do anything you want. The Europeans are really a low, immoral people who would sell their mother...and then deliver.

At the moment, regardless of which agreement they break with Israel, the Europeans are firmly behind Arafat and the radical Arab nations. While it could be enough to get the lucrative contracts to sell weapons, including conventional and non-conventional weapons of mass destruction, the deep dark reason is they simply hate Jews.

How easily any sense of humanity of civilization slips away from their face, leaving only the beast. This beast has many faces and names. Sometimes they are called Germans, Poles, Croatians, Ukrainians... While at other times they became the Church, the Red Cross, or Prime Ministers, Kings, Fuhrer. Then, in a quick change, we see some Americans, French, English and, finally, there is the contaminated Jew called the Leftist. It doesn't really matter, this name or that. Underneath there is strand, a bond that society teaches children to hate the "other" - the different ones. These are people of ultimate evil as the beast stays just below the surface, ready to savage, ready to kill the Jew. The planet would be well rid of the European predator. Perhaps we will be fortunate to live in such interesting times (an old Chinese curse), to see the decline and disappearance of the graveyard called Europe.

Never mind, that Jesus was a Jew, for many "Christians", they only regret that Hitler didn't finish the job. Even without their Jews, there is anti-Semitism in Europe. At least the Muslims are honest when they openly express this vile thought. Europeans are really an ugly bunch who have, through the centuries, killed each other with certain glee when they were not killing the Jews.

Perhaps, having failed the test of humanity and decency, retribution will come in the form of incurable plagues, vast storms followed by crop-killing drought. Although it is merely an expression of wishful thinking, has anyone noted the surge of unusually destructive weather, coupled with the growing crisis in world financial centers - both of which often precede chaos?! The scientists will proclaim that it is all explainable within the acts of Nature while others will conclude that there is a greater force propelling Mother Nature. Whatever. If Europe suffers the ravages coming to them, then justice may have been served, in part. The Europeans, the English and the American Arabists once again come together and crack the whip over the Jews. All that is missing are the Germans, the dogs and the liquidation camps.


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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies. Email:

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