By Emanuel A. Winston

The American people watch with growing dismay a corrupt and amoral President drowning in a cesspool of his own making. In an attempt to somehow extricate himself, he has shown that he is willing to continue the lies which affect the nation's security and safety of our Allies. Sex is, unfortunately, masking real scandals.

At this very moment Clinton is implementing a strategy which targets Israel for dissolution while proclaiming that all he wants is Peace (or at least a Peace Prize). Yassir Arafat proclaims he will "march to the Sea and make all of Israel his State on May 5, 1999 with all of Jerusalem the capital of his State and only his State of New Palestine". But, even so, Clinton remains Arafat's staunch supporter.

Videotapes have been sent to President Clinton showing footage direct from Palestinian TV with Palestinian children singing their willingness to kill Jews and themselves die a martyr's death in suicide bombings. This Palestinian programming, using the format of "Sesame Street" is, regrettably, funded by US taxpayer dollars - with our President's approval Yassir Arafat, great friend of Rabin and Bill Clinton has been merely preparing for the future. Not only is he training an army of now almost 63,000 to fight along side of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Libya but, he is indoctrinating mere children, using class time to teach them to hate and kill for their future battle with the Jewish State. This is known by the President as he employs the Jewish Arabists of the State Department to ambush Bibi Netanyahu. The "ambush" is politely called a "summit" to be held in New York. Their purpose is to twist Netanyahu with all the powers that remain in a sullied Presidency and force Israel to accept every single abrogation of the Oslo/Hebron Accords.

It is significant that in the midst of his worst personal crisis on September 13th, the fifth anniversary of Oslo, the President chose to meet with those minority members of the Jewish Conference of Presidents who support the deadly "piece process". Regrettably, it usually has been quite easy to recruit Jewish leadership. All one need do is mouth the words "Peace Process" and they all wish to appear the great peace makers, even when there is no Peace. This President, desperate for a foreign policy win, is willing to force Israel to cede vital defensive positions, irreplaceable water resources and holy Jewish sites to a monster with more Jewish blood on his hands than anyone but Hitler. Arafat has an abysmally unbroken record of non-compliance with any signed Agreements. And worse yet, Arafat, through the Palestinian Authority, employs children to live his dream of destroying the Jewish State no matter how many generations of Palestinian children must be taught to hate, kill and commit suicide to fulfill his dream. He says: " We will fight till the last boy and girl dies until our Palestinian flag flies over the mosques and churches of Jerusalem." Young Arab men, strap explosives to their bodies, chanting a deadly mantra of killing Jews to earn a place in warriors' Islamic heaven. But, indoctrinating 6 year olds for future war is a definite statement that regardless of Peace Accords, Arafat plans to continue the war even if it wipes out generations.

While Arafat is definitely sick and will soon be displaced, there are enough pathological killers in his entourage or the competing Hamas to take his place. Shortly, after Arafat leaves office - one way or another - his replacements will declare that the Agreements Arafat signed on the White House lawn, were made only for himself. They will promptly be declared null and void and non-binding on his successors. Meanwhile, those Israelis who tried to put teeth into the Agreement will be found with their thumb in their mouth - astonished that their work never meant anything.

So, why is the King of Liars setting an ambush for PM Netanyahu? The reason is clear. In spite of prima facie evidence in repeated recorded words that Arafat intends to conquer Israel, President Clinton is desperate for even the illusion of a foreign policy victory. Ambushing Netanyahu in New York will require the assistance of Israeli Leftists who did the same thing to PM Begin at Camp David. Two radical Leftists, Moshe Dayan and Ezer Weizman, coupled with the weak Carter, pounded Begin to give up all the Sinai to Egypt in exchange for absolutely nothing. Oh, Yes...The paper words, like Oslo, had all the correct words of peace:, cooperation, exchange of agricultural ideas, cessation of anti-Semitic cartoons in the Egyptian press. Guess what. The Camp David Accords were never kept - except by Israel. Today the Egyptian Press is rife with ugly statements against the Jewish State, lavish with anti-Semitic cartoons so familiar during Hitler's regime. Nothing changed. That some Israelis could be so pathetically stupid in the face of unreciprocated Peace gestures is a shanda (shame) for all the Jewish people.

Now, Bill and Hillary, frequent honored visitors to the Arab League's functions tells Israel it must submit and totally ignore Arafat's venal non-compliance - or else. Is there more to Clinton's scurrilous attack on Israel than just refurbishing his name? Is he preparing for any largess he may have been promised by American corporations who owe their cash flow to Arab (oil) dictators? Is he to get a feather-bedding executive job which pays a million per year for his good name and the satisfactory results of his attacks on Israel while in office? Are Mr. & Mrs. to be rewarded with appointments to a dozen or so boards where they will be paid $50-75,000 each for a few days a year to attend board meetings? We will all have to wait and track the Clinton's money trail after they leave office.

Does Clinton lie on other, more important issues affecting our nation? You bet. Col. Scott David Ritter exposed a beaut when he resigned from the UN team investigating Saddam's cache of weapons including Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warheads with the launchers to throw them at Israel. We found that dear Bill and his faithful collaborator of lies and evil intent...Madame Albright had, indeed, lied. They interfered with the team's inspection agenda by telling them not to make any surprise inspections of Saddam's hidden weapons' storage or manufacturing plants. Clinton and Albright, of course, denied at the top of their lungs, maintaining that "Ritter did not have the whole picture". Fortunately, Ritter HAS the whole picture and Congress wants to know more about Clinton/Albright softening their demands on Saddam Hussein by subverting the investigating team..

Right now there are four separate Congressional Committees de-briefing Ritter but, the President and State Department continue to stonewall while denigrating Ritter's straight forward accusations. Was there ever a more corrupt regime than the two humped beast called our President and the State Department? Surely, this was not a match made in heaven but it does fit the ethics of hell.

Our President also lied about transfer of missile technology to China at the same time the Chinese were generously contributing to Democratic Committee fund-raising for the election of everyone but especially Bill. Imagine - this amoral President was willing to overlook US corporations trading missile technology by issuing a waiver for this illegal transfer, retroactively.

Here again, Congress is probing Clinton and the Companies who jeopardized "National Security". The phrase "National Security" has been overused, abused and seems unimportant. Know this! China has been developing long range and even Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles equal to American and French missiles, possibly with American covert (read: illegal) assistance. These missiles are being readily sold to such nations as Iran, Syria and, once again, Iraq as Saddam again begins his buildup of catastrophic weapons of mass destruction - on Clinton's watch. In this case, "National Security" means that a Third World country can launch a nuclear missile at New York, Washington, Chicago, with fall-out covering everything in between. Are we now talking betrayal, traitorous acts for which even Presidents go to prison? Even a sophomoric President with the hormones of a 16 year old must be held accountable for his actions when it comes to America's National Security.

This President was snookered like an amateur by Saddam and Kofi Annan as Clinton withdrew our assembled forces in February. George Bush, too, shared this dubious honor but, at least, he and his Cabinet had a reason. Then, it was the vast untapped oil reserves in Iraq that held Bush's attention as a businessman which was perhaps why, at the beginning of the Gulf War, he issued a waiver for any personal business his Cabinet may have been conducting with Saddam. No one, including Congress, ever cared to open up that can of worms. Presumably, those business interests exposed during the Bush era have linked up with the Clinton Presidency to exonerate Saddam.

Will Congress convene a serious, deep and probing Hearing on America's Middle East foreign policy? Perhaps in a hundred years or so. Meantime, various Congressmen and Senators will, on occasion, convene a one day show hearing where soft ball questions are asked; no investigation is done and the American people are told that we just had Hearings on our Foreign Policy in the Middle East. The State Department and the President simply do not want the American people to know what is being done in their name, like the cash flow, bribery, extortion, starting revolutions, betrayal of our Allies and a great deal more.

As for the maestro of prevarication, Clinton first represents Clinton with the American people trailing a far second in his list of priorities. Our Allies, such as Israel, especially Israel, must pay the sacrificial price if Bill's name is to be scrubbed and polished if it's possible to sanitize him at all. Clinton has surely been a role model to Americans. He has taught us that the practice of lying with conviction can be elevated to an art form and that having a corrupt Foreign Policy is good for some special interests.

If I were you, Bibi, I would not attend an ambush where you will be strung up and quartered... unless, of course, you already intend to cut that deal with Arafat under pressure from Bill Clinton, Madame Albright and the European Union.

Mr. Clinton, most agree that your Lewinsky dalliance and subsequent lies, perhaps to now be shown to the public on video, merely demonstrate the irreversible flaw in your character. What is more disturbing is your accommodation of terrorists and terrorist states. This is where your proclivity to avoid the truth becomes dangerous to American and her Allies. The Oval Office has already been pulled down into the dirt. Before you drag it even deeper into the mire of scandal and corruption, you can do the right thing by stepping down now.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies. Email:

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