By Emanuel A. Winston

"Jewish Congregations Tightening Security for High Holy Days": NEW YORK TIMES, 9/6/99

Synagogues, day care centers, Jewish community centers where the elderly meet, feel threatened and rightfully so. Vicious shooters, arsonists and writers of swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans are once again emerging from the dark side - although, you think, this is America 1999. But, radical Islamic Fundamentalism is spreading across America, infecting our nation with its hate message that they imported from the Middle East. Black Muslims like Khalid Adbul Muhammed are telling their followers that Jews and Whites are their mortal enemies. Self-styled White Supremacists groups always prefaced the name of their sick movement with the word "Christian" and some with stylized symbols of the cross tell America that "it's the Jews, Black and often the Catholics who are contaminating our pure Aryan, White society." The aberrant, the sick and twisted are again telling themselves that, whatever is wrong in their lives is the fault of the Jews.

So, the Jews hunker down and circle the wagons as they think: Here we go again. Never again is happening again. For a brief moment in time there was grudging admiration for the Jews as the Israelis fought the entire Arab world and won against overwhelming odds. American Jews took pride from seeing our Jews in tanks and jet planes. We were suddenly winners and our pride surged.

But, then came the Jewish Leftist apologists, begging forgiveness for winning 6 wars of Arab aggression intended to annihilate the Jewish nation. Slowly the admiration and often grudging respect, even felt by our enemies, began to fade and the old contempt erupted again. Here they saw the victors, pleading for pity and cessation of terror as if they were the vanquished. "We'll give you our precious land, water, holy sites, only don't bomb us." So, as forecast, the terror increased in direct proportion to the Jews weakness in surrendering what they had won. Pleading for peace gave the perception of Jewish weakness displayed by the Jewish apologists which only earned the scorn of their Arab adversaries and the so-called Free World.

American Jews once again began to shrink back into that learned style of avoidance and fear. The proud fighting spirit borrowed from the fighting Jews of Israel faded as the Israeli spirit faded into what is now called post-Zionism or the apologetic era. Israeli politicians lost in negotiations what thousands of young, heroic soldiers had died for in six bloody wars.

So the Muslim cells and organizations in America grew bolder, demanding American corporations bow to their demands. Burger King bowed to a theatrically threatened Arab boycott. Now Disney World must submit their plans for a Jerusalem exhibit to various Arab organizations for their approval.

Even as these organizations grew in power and militancy, the American government, the U.S. corporations and certainly most Jewish organizations averted their eyes, hoping it will all go away. This was a small practice exercise in advance of future operations which promised to be far larger and far more destructive. We are seeing the beginnings of another Kristallnacht except this time the brown shirt thugs are wearing keffiyahs while others claiming similar goals march behind the cross of White or Black Supremacy.

Meanwhile, the Jews are putting up night lights, installing alarms, and hiring guards as fires are burning down their synagogues and children are being shot under the clarion call such as announced by Buford Furrow: "This is a wake-up call to kill Jews."

The Jews of America strived to fit in and look like everyone else. They fought for other causes, races and religions, thinking that absence of self-interest would bring them approval and a certain gratefulness. They received neither and still they refuse to fight back when attacked.

If you don't believe that the ongoing appeasement process by Israel isn't causing this outburst of anti-Jewish hatred by Muslims, blacks and white supremacists, you are blinding yourselves to the facts our history teaches us. And, as George Santayana said: "If you don't learn the lessons of history, you are doomed to repeat them."

I suppose we Jews could have eventually grown out of our 2000 year training syndrome of fear under the teachings of an anti-Semitic world had not Israel allowed the same virus of fear to once again become epidemic. Each step down brought more contempt, more aggression, and terror. Even as the number of our dead mounted, we heard such leaders as Rabin tells us that "they were volunteers for peace". After each terrorist bombing we heard Peres, Netanyahu, Barak threaten that, "If you do that again, we will not talk to you." The failed "peace process" became a holy idol and the apologists worshiped before this false and pagan shrine. As each agreement was broken, the weakened Israeli leaders boldly stated that this latest abrogation will threaten the "holy peace process" but they did nothing to punish the perpetrators and so we spiraled down ... ever downwards.

I fear that we shall soon lose the Jewish State with the ripples already being felt in America as the Muslims, white and black supremacists feel free to openly attack American Jews on any day and in any place.

I will close with a quote from the (non-Jewish) longshoreman philosopher and author of at least 10 books, Eric Hoffer wrote in 1968: "I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel, so will go it with all of us. Should Israel perish, the Holocaust will be upon us. Israel must live!" [Editor's Note: I met Hoffer, author of THE TRUE BELIEVER, in New Orleans in 1967 at a ZOA convention where he was the guest speaker. After his very passionate speech I followed him into the hotel bar and had a few beers with him. Well into the third beer, his turned almost red and he yelled at me: "I meant what I said at the meeting. It will happen here, another Holocaust, if Israel does not survive."


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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