By Aaron Lerner

Date: 28 August 2003

Thursday May 23, 2002 is a day that could have easily lived in infamy.

That morning tens of thousands of Israelis could have been incinerated when a bomb attached to a tanker truck blew up. The tanker truck had just pulled into Israel's largest gas (and other fuel) depot, the Pi Glilot fuel depot, located in the densely-populated Tel-Aviv metropolitan area, close to three major highways and surrounded by residential areas.

"A huge disaster has been prevented," said Yossi Sedbon, the Tel Aviv police chief, noting that at the depot, dozens of tanker trucks stand close to each other. "An explosion in such a sensitive place with such a huge store of fuel would cause much more significant damage than the explosion of a single tanker," Sedbon said.

And what did Israel do in response to this failed "mega attack" carried out by Yasser Arafat's Fatah?


Nothing but warn that if the mega attack had succeeded in incinerating tens of thousands of Israelis that Israel would have acted to put an end to the Oslo farce.

So the terror continued.

This Thursday afternoon an improved Qassam rocket fell a few hundred meters from the Eilat Ashkelon Pipeline Co. Ltd. (EAPC) Ashkelon facility. A facility with hundreds of tons of gas and gasoline.

The improved rockets were thanks to the "hudna" that gave the Palestinians the chance to work on their rockets without interference.

Are we going to wait for a successful mega attack or can the Sharon government act now before thousands die?

" . . . it is in Israel's interest for Palestinians to govern themselves, in a state that is viable, peaceful, democratic, and committed to fighting terror." Condoleezza Rice Assistant to the President for National Security proclaimed this week.

". . .viable, peaceful, democratic, and committed to fighting terror"? If elephants could fly.

And Dumbo only flew in the movies.

It is time to recognize that PA photo opportunities aside, the roadmap is a nonstarter, a Palestinian state is a nonstarter, international forces that will shield the terrorists from Israeli security operations is a nonstarter.

And all the best (and worse) intentions in the world can't change that reality.

The only question is if the Sharon Administration acts now to put an end to this farce or if we will be forced to pay a heavy price for postponing the inevitable.


Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)

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