By Dr. Joseph Lerner
Co-director of IMRA - Independent Media Review & Analysis

August 26, 2003

The article " 'Protocols' still inspire anti-Semites a century later" (Herb Keinon with reporting by Calev Ben-David, The Jerusalem Post Aug.26) misses the crucial role of the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" in Islamic education and doctrine. Saudi Arabian school textbooks expressly incorporate the "Protocols". The following is from "The West, Christians and Jews in Saudi Arabian Schoolbooks"(Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace) "Tenth graders are instructed that the "Protocols" were put in place as secret resolutions at the 1897 Zionist Congress in Basel. The textbook summarizes the "Protocols" as 1.Upsetting society ... to enable Zionism to have monopoly on world government. 2. Eliminating nationalities and religions... 3.Striving to increase corruption ... in Europe, as Zionism believes in their corruption and [eventual] collapse. 4. Controlling the media of publication, propaganda and the press ... seducing people by means of lust and by spreading wantonness."

Jews had a role in the "schemes and moral constitution of the French Revolution", had a role in kindling "the first World War, ...the overthrow of the Ottoman caliphate ... The ... revolution against Czarist rule ..."

The "Protocols" has a long history in Islamic education. A key textbook used in Jordan before 1967 said "the Zionist Congress in 1897 approved a complete plan ... most of the details of this plan are in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion ..." ("Jerusalem", Meron Benvenisti pp.51-2). The textbook by the Jordan Minister of Education concludes." a considerable part of the recommendations of the Elders of Zion have, indeed, been implemented. But the remnant is more important; therefore beware! Awaken, O Arabs.!"

These themes continue to be carried in Jordan textbooks which were taken up by the Palestinian Authority. In February 1988 the Hamas Charter formally adopted the "Protocols" as doctrine. Its capsule statement follows:

"The Jews have taken over the world media and financial centres. By fomenting revolutions, wars and such movements as the freemasons, communism, capitalism and Zionism, Rotary, Lions. Bnai Brith, etc . they are subverting society in order to bring about its destruction via their pet-institutions such as the Security Council. Their schemes are detailed in the Protocols of the elders of Zion." ("Muslim Fundamentalism in Israel", Raphael Israeli p.22) By no means is the impact of the "Protocols" limited to schoolbooks and Hamas doctrine. Rather, their substance and spirit are critically imbedded in Islamic culture even when not so attributed.

Why are the doctrines of the "Protocols" so thoroughly incorporated in the outlook of those brought up in Islamic countries, even if by those who are not religiously devout? I suggest it relates to the core notions regarding how Islam differs from Judaism and Christianity. Although Jews and Christians are people of the Book, Islam presents them as distorting the word of God for the benefit of their beliefs. So, Islam states Jesus was not crucified, Islam preceded Judaism, and Abraham followed Islam. Islam makes a virtue of reclaiming what they avow Jews seized from them. King David's tomb should be visited only by Muslims.

Islam maintains that Jews and Christians are guilty of the most serious conspiracy -- altering God's holy script.. And, the conspiracies are illustrated over time. Saudi Arabia's textbooks repeat the assertion that Jews converted to Islam to foster rebellion against orthodox Islam.

The cross-fertilization of Islamic and European anti-Semitism via the "Protocols" was one of the growing disasters of the 20th century, spilling over to threaten and challenge this century.


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