by Emanuel A. Winston



THIS JUST IN ON AUGUST 27TH: An accusation has been floated, presumably by the U.S. State Department, to the effect that information on Iran's nuclear capability has been "subversively" passed on to Israel through AIPAC, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee. You will find the timing and purpose of this leak quite interesting. When the pro-Arab State Department leaks accusations against Israel, you have to look beyond the mere hostile dirty tricks of this Arabist institution. So, let's look deeper, little by little.

At this time the Saudis have launched an expensive PR campaign to take away the image of the Saudis being 'deep pockets' for Terror, including Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. They would like us to forget that 15 of the 19 hijacking suicide bombers on 9/11 were Saudis. (The other 4 were Egyptian).

The State Department would like us to ignore the fact that the Saudis fund 'Madrassas' (school of strict Islam) in America that teach the 'Taliban/Wahhabi' type of Islamic religion to children, to hate America and eventually make America into a Muslim nation.

The State Department, having been deeply penetrated by radical Islamists, would find it an ideal time to engineer an attack on the Jewish lobby to equalize the pressure away from the Saudis. Even today, the State Department - after 9/11 - allows Saudis in with barely a glance at their affiliation with Terrorist groups. So, that's Phase One of the benefits the State Department and the Saudis expect out of their engineered accusation with their "Blame the Jews" syndrome. But, that is comparatively minor as we probe deeper.

The next level down in our search is the subject of the leak or at least a well-molded accusation.

The accusation is that the 'always convenient and secret mole has leaked information' about America's discussions on Iran's nuclear enterprise to AIPAC to be passed on to Israel. AIPAC has, of course, denied the allegation, knowing that our various Intel Agencies watch AIPAC - as they do all lobby groups of all nations. AIPAC being squeaky clean would not deter the Arabist State Department from floating one of its infamous accusations through the back door channels of its media leaker connections - this time CBS TV News. So, let us examine the leak:

Israel and the U.S. are committed to exchanging Intelligence on mutually threatening problems. Israel, for example was the U.S. Humint (Human Intelligence) for America's attack on Iraq. Israel also assisted the U.S. in the 1991 attack against Iraq after Saddam had invaded Kuwait because America just didn't have human resources on the ground. So, in effect, Israel has proven herself time and again as an invaluable source of Intelligence for America and has discharged her obligations to the exchange far and beyond what could be expected of a small nation.

The U.S. and Israel have been routinely exchanging information on Iran as a growing nuclear threat to the region and well beyond. That includes America and Europe. This is no great secret unless a leaker out of State wishes to characterize this exchange as "stolen information" which is what seems to be their goal.

Clearly, the Bush Administration and State would like to avoid angering the Arab oil world by unilaterally taking out Iran's Russian nuclear reactor and the spread out, underground nuclear development sites in Iran. We would like Israel to do the job and, of course, take the heat. The Arabs would most certainly wish to direct their anger at Israel instead of at their business partner, the United States.

We buy their oil; we sell them prodigious quantities of arms; we have provided technology on WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) including NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons which, of course, are now threatening our cities; they bank with us; we sell them goods and services from road-building to massive airports. Here enter the Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Bechtel and hundreds of other U.S. companies. Well, you get the idea.

But, Israel is still a small nation with limited reach with respect to striking nuclear targets in Iran. The United States, on the other hand, has the capability to project massive military power, using sea-based aircraft and cruise missiles, land attack and the unlimited budget to carry out such a strike. However, Israel would be pounded by the U.N., the E.U. and the Arabist State Department should she save the world by striking Iran's nuclear plants - like she did when she hit Iraq's nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981, just before it went operational. These same nations could not embargo the U.S. if it undertook the project.

If the U.S. is indeed planning such a strike, it would be convenient to have an alternate target of Israel against whom the Arabs could vent their fury. Remember, in the Arab world, adjusting history to whatever is claimed is no problem. Some may recall how the Arabs explained away their defeats in successive wars against Israel by telling their people that it was the Americans they were fighting and not the Jews. Losing to a Superpower did not carry the shame of losing to a small army of poorly equipped Jews.

There are auxiliary benefits to blaming the Jews.

First, it forces AIPAC to lower its profile in lobbying Congress for Israel.

Next, it intimidates Jewish leaders NOT to challenge U.S. government policy when it supports Saudi Arabia, Syria or Arafat.

Moreover, it generally successfully panics Israeli leadership to be more compliant on such issues as giving up more territory and allowing a State Department team to go to Israel as authorities to decide borders for Jewish settlements. Such accusations of disloyalty are beneficial just before an election where Jewish voters generally vote Democratic.

If the voters can be sufficiently intimidated to either vote Democratic or not at all, the game plan of intimidation will have worked. I think of the reported statement of former Secretary of State Zbignew Breshinsky, later denied, when he said: "A little anti-Semitism is a good thing" - presumably for keep Jews in their place.

Another ancillary benefit of this current accusation was to impugn the integrity of Doug Feith who advocated and coordinated an investigation of Saddam's linkage with Al Qaeda. Here again, the State Department and other Arabists in the Government were furious over Feith's probe of Arab Muslim links to Global Terrorism. In essence, the State Department was cut out of the loop and thus unable to offer its usual protection of Arab Muslim allies by sidelining investigations against them.

Other Intel Agencies were also angry that the results of their investigations were to be reviewed by Feith's group which was set up by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. So, Feith was targeted plus whatever benefits could be squeezed out of an intimidated Israel.

Floating a story and a scenario engendered by the Arabist State Department to the effect that the Jews had obtained secret information about Iran is mildly clever - if not transparent. The PR campaign will guide Arab thinking, particularly that of the fanatic Ayatollahs of Iran against the State of Israel as its most imminent enemy.

Perhaps part of the thinking is to provoke the Iranians into a pre-emptive strike against Israel so Israel will have to respond in force - which will also allow the U.S. to intervene.

Intervention in this case would be to save Israel after a saturation missile attack by Iran. It would give the U.S. to follow on with its own cruise missile attacks on Iranian nuclear sites as if to her rescue. In the meantime Israel would suffer as the bait and 'raison d'etre' for the Iranian attack. The reason for the timing of this accusation is anyone's guess but, it would certainly be detrimental to the incumbent, George Bush, coming prior to the Republican Convention leading on to the November elections in eight weeks.

Mind you, I do think that Iran's nuclear capability must be eliminated before it goes operationally nuclear. I wrote about Iran's obtaining tactical nukes from East Germany though under Soviet control when the Soviet Union collapsed. Four to six tactical nukes went missing and, in my opinion, were purchased by Iran. Disinformation was soon floated in the American media that nothing was missing and we could all sleep peacefully.

When Israel blew up Saddam's nuclear reactor at Osirak in 1981, the world condemned Israel but, behind closed doors, the champagne corks were popping. Much, much later there was a reluctant acknowledgment that Israel had done the world a great favor. But, at the time, that didn't stop then Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger and Admiral Bobby Ray Inman from cutting off all exchanges of Intelligence with Israel both as a punishment to Israel and as a favor to the Saudis.

The story of how deep the Saudis have penetrated the State Department and the other American Institutions, especially the Intelligence community is yet to be revealed. Even the 9/11 Commission avoided deep questions of the State Department for allowing thousands of Saudis and other Arab Muslims into our American laboratories, universities where sleeper cells were established in deep cover.

I cringe when I hear Lee Hamilton of the 9/11 Commission tell Americans how we must reach out to the Arab Muslim world, winning their hearts and minds. Somehow the 9/11 Commission has decided that the radical Islamic Fundamentalism endemic in the world of Islam must be the fault of the Free West - and that the dictators of Arab nations are not to be blamed for keeping their people backward, uneducated and hostile to America. For Lee Hamilton and others of the 9/11 Commission, it must be America's fault for not reaching out and perhaps bringing more Muslim 'Jihadists' into America through the portals 'guided' by the gate-keepers called the State Department.

Let us watch "The State Department Hustle" to blame the Jewish nation for whatever we are about to do to protect ourselves from Iranian nukes. If they can just get the media to cooperate, the focus of enmity will be on Israel, instead of Iran, the Saudis and Arabist State Department.

Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate and member of the Board of Directors of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.