by Emanuel A. Winston

There can be no forgiveness for the Jewish leaders and Generals who taught the failed tactic of retreat to the embattled Jewish people. Even more unforgivable was to teach the enemy that Israelis can be made to run from the field of battle.

In direct proportion to our infamous retreats, our enemies grew more confident and thus more Jews were murdered and maimed.

The Politicians and Generals who chose Retreat and Abandonment of the Land of Israel were and are traitors to their people. They should be brought to trial before a Peoples' Court and tried for crimes against their own people. If found guilty, they should be imprisoned for life at hard labor.

For all the Jews they made it possible to murder, you would think that hanging would be the correct punishment but, that would end their penalty too soon.

These Politicians and Generals taught Retreat to the Jews while teaching the Arab Muslim Terrorists to advance. None are above reproach.

The Sinai Desert was given up to Egypt - who had never ever owned that land.

Oslo taught the Jews that their leaders could scurry around in secret and give away their Land to howling savages - who also never owned (or deserved) the Land.

With each Retreat, the Muslim Arab Terrorists learned they could too easily get away with murder of the weak Jews.

Jewish leaders made corrupt deals to let thousands of Arab Muslim Terrorists out of prison for virtually nothing in return for a bad bargain. Most simply rejoined their Terror cells and commenced killing Jews. Prison had merely been a convenient place to improve their Terror skills from their co-Terrorists in jail. They had been taught that being caught for committing Terror acts was merely a matter of awaiting another mass release.

Now Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has offered and pledged the next lesson of Retreat as he dismembers the nation in his so-called "Disengagement Plan".

Behind his declaration to the Arab Muslim Palestinians that he will cleanse Gaza/Gush Katif of Jews, he speaks of making the rest of YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza) also "Judenrein".

We learn that he works with the infamous Shimon Peres to accomplish this Retreat.

In the Arab Muslim culture, even the willingness to discuss peace is considered as a defeat for the enemy and a victory for the Muslims. Given that they would never abandon their Land, when their self-declared enemy agrees to cut and run, their expectations and pride swell, knowing their enemy is on the run - so they raise their ante.

Israel's Politicians and Generals try to use the tactics of Western civilization where you can negotiate a peace with an enemy - as the Free West did with Germany and Japan - AFTER they beat them soundly.

Not so with Arab Muslims. The credo of Retreat for Peace is merely an acceleration of War to the Muslim Arabs.

Even the political leaders in America and Europe are beginning to learn that you cannot win the hearts and minds of Muslim Arabs. They are in a permanent State of War "Dar al Harb" with the unbelieving 'infidel' (all non-Muslims). They are on the march to achieve their Great Caliphate, where all the planet will accept Sharia Law (strict Islam - like the Taliban) and worship Allah. They aim for nothing less than world domination for Islam.

When the Jews or Christians Retreat and give up Land as a gesture for Peace, for the Muslims it is a signal of weakness and, therefore, they attack. While the Americans are just beginning to learn that radical Islam has declared war with it, the Israelis have had 56 years of lessons as a State and at least another half century of Terror attacks before Statehood was declared in 1948.

There is no excuse that relieves Israel's Politicians and Generals of their blindness in advancing the cause of Final Arab Muslim Conquest.

They are simply traitors to the Jewish State who have often engaged in treason with the enemy in time of war. (There has never NOT been a time of war by the Muslims against the Jews.) Worse yet, these same politicians had a plan from the time of David Ben Gurion to de-Judaize the Jewish State into a secular state. As they gave away our religious holy sites such as the Temple Mount, they taught the Jews that they had no ancient claims to our ancient homeland.

The national memory of our Patriarchs and being the People of G-d's Covenant was shoved aside, insuring that they emptied the nation of purpose and pride in being Jewish. The Arab Muslims saw that the spirit of the Jews was fading at the teachings of their own leadership.

Conversely, the Muslim Arabs belief in their Allah grew and gave them greater courage in battle. They had an anchor in radical Islam while Israel's Politicians taught that being Jewish was simply of no consequence.

Most of the Israeli people soon followed their role models. With the exception of Menachem Begin (and perhaps Yitzhak Shamir) none of the so-called Jewish leaders had any belief in their Jewishness and, therefore, in their rights to the Land gifted to them by G-d. These non-Jewish Jews tore the heart out of the Jewish people and replaced their Jewish faith with Retreat and Surrender of our Land.

Observe the contemptible cowardice of the non-Jewish Jews of Israel's Supreme Court. Their rulings for the Arabs rights to encroach on Jewish Land and against Jewish security is a distinct part of their lessons of Jewish Retreat.

I have little doubt that, one day, they, the Politicians, the Political Generals and the Supreme Court will have to stand before a Peoples' Court, charged with treason and betrayal of the Jewish nation.