Bring On the Lions of Judah
Bibi, Why Are You So Cautious?

By Bernard J. Shapiro

Bibi, Why are you so cautious? Your biography is full of daring exploits as an elite commando. Your political prowess is legendary after conquering the Likud Party in less than three years. And your defeat of the Labor "pros" has added to your image as a master politician. Your mastery of Jewish history, Zionism, military strategy was demonstrated in your brilliant book, A PLACE AMONG NATIONS. Bibi, why do I find myself and my friends on the Right so worried about the direction of your government?

Why are you so worried about what Egyptian President Mubarak thinks about your "peace" policies? Why do your care about what the Arab nations think about your government? And why does it matter to you what the Europeans or the U.S. State Department care about your polices in YESHA? Having spent time at the United Nations, you must surely understand that Israel would have to self-destruct to make the parties above truly happy. In a nutshell, policies that are good for Israel will not please our adversaries.

Why worry about Labor opposition to your policies, instead of using the next four years to totally marginalize their influence? Didn't the Labor/Meretz people practically destroy Israel, Zionism and YESHA during their years in power? Did they worry about YOUR reaction? NO. Now is the time for boldness. Offense is the best defense. Labor personalities should be harassed by the judicial system, tried for monetary and political crimes, and made to spend all their resources defending themselves. Then they would not have time to attack your government. If this sounds radical, remember that both Rabin and Peres did exactly this. And the Left is still harassing you and the Right. They never even stopped after the election.

The following areas must be targeted for ideological re-alignment:
1. Military [See article: IN PRAISE OF UZI LANDAU in this issue]
2. Judiciary [The Knesset can increase the number of judges so you could appoint a few. District judges can also be increased by dividing the country into twice as many districts and appointing new judges. Term of office could possibly be changed by Knesset vote.)
3. Communications [TV and radio stations must become more objective]
4. Education [Jewish history, religion, and Zionism must be taught as national goals]

The following policy changes must be implemented to ensure Israel's survival
1. Terminate or begin to back away from the Oslo Accords
2. Fight vigorously PLO/PA/Hamas terrorism
3. Annex all of Israel (YESHA is Israel) and open YESHA up for massive settlement.
4. Launch major PR campaign to justify these moves
5. Pre-empt Iranian, Syrian, Libyan chemical, nuclear & biological weapons
6. Resist international and local leftist pressure to back down from these policies

Don't be afraid of pressure. Pressure on your government will be primarily psychological. Perhaps there will also be economic blackmail. I remember when Eisenhower and Dulles tried to get Ben Gurion to withdraw from Sinai in 1956. Israel was only 8 years old and poor as a church mouse. Ben Gurion resisted the Americans for six months despite economic embargos and threats.

Today, Israel is much stronger and its economy has grown to such an extent that American aid is now less than 3% of its GNP. If you pursue Israel's long-term interests in settling YESHA and securing the strategic territories and water supplies of the Golan and Judea and Samaria, you will become vindicated historically. Any setback in foreign relations will be transitory. The world will back down. Israel is not Saddam and the Palestinians have no oil. No country will go to war over Arafat, not even Syria, Egypt or Iran.

Bibi, with your proven communication skills, you could easily defend your necessary Zionist actions. Rather than stand accused in the court of world opinion, you could vigorously challenge the right of anyone to interfere in Israel's just policies. I don't know if you play poker, but Israel has a good hand if it plays it right. If it "wimps out" and is afraid to act forcefully to fulfill its destiny, then it will be doomed to be a little ghetto Jewish state surrounded by macho Arabs waiting to pounce on it at the first opportunity. Why not be a Lion of Judah?

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