Hevron: It May Be Up to Us

By Elyakim Ha'etzni

The anniversary of the 1929 Hevron massacre fell upon the Jewish community in Hevron this past Shabbat together with the grim remarks of Defense Minister Yitzchak Mordechai: "Agreements must be kept." This of course means that we must transfer the city to the hands of Arafat, and to turn it into a second Shechem - searches for ammunition and terrorists will not be able to be carried out, nor will there be checkpoints, curfews, arrests, recovery of stolen cars, pinpointing of bands of murderers that form there, etc., etc. This will become Area A according to the Oslo agreements, and into this corner the Prime Minister and Defense Minister are being pushed by the Oslo generals. These generals are of a type not yet encountered anywhere in the world: who has ever heard of generals who would push their political superiors to abandon a city in which roam freely Hamas terrorists, including a band who recently practically wiped out two entire families [in drive-by shooting incidents]? Rather, what we have are politicians in military uniforms, via whom the previous government is attempting to force its policy upon the present government. They leak information to the press daily, under the guise of "senior military figures", to the effect that our presence in Hevron is the cause of our security problems; security will be provided us by none other than Arafat! Woe unto an army that so testifies about itself.

Professional military advice these Oslo general have not provided, but judicial advice they have aplenty: We must fulfill our obligations! The Netanyahu government has set as its credo the concept of "reciprocity". Has the PLO kept its side of the bargain? They promised to enlist only policemen who had been approved by Israel; to limit the number of policemen to a number which they then doubled; not to hurt Arab collaborators, who they kidnapped, tortured, and even killed within their own police stations; not to remove ammunition from within permitted areas without Israeli approval; to disarm the terrorist groups; to extradite terrorists. They have fulfilled none of these obligations. No international judicial expert would ever press the aggrieved party, as we are, to unilaterally fulfill the agreements. Arafat has turned the cities that we have given over to him into nests of parasites, to the point where even the Arab residents are pleading not to let him in. And we should feel obligated to turn Hevron into a mini-Iraq in the hands of a Palestinian Saddam?!

At the memorial ceremony held this week, representatives of Hevron's Jewish community read aloud an open letter to the Prime Minister. "Mr. Netanyahu, please do not transfer authority over security in Hevron from the hands of the Israel Defense Forces. To do so is to abandon Jewish lives. Please fulfill your pre-election campaign promises not to place our lives in the hands of Arafat. Don't listen to the unsound advice given you under the guise of "military recommendations", which are based on a doctrine of dependency on the Palestinian Authority. On this occasion, when the cry of our ancestors killed here calls out to us, we pray to G-d that you have the strength to stand fast in protecting and strengthening the City of our Forefathers."

The Prime Minister is under tremendous pressure. We must do all that we can to convince him that the nationalist camp that brought him to power will simply not accept a withdrawal from Hevron. Write, call, send faxes or e-mail: {prime-minister@likud.org.il} to the Prime Minister and the other ministers. Say: Hevron is the crossroads. Do not walk in the path of Shimon Peres - lest our own paths part. Shabbat Shalom.

Elyakim Ha'etzni is an attorney and activistis from Kiryat Arba. He is also a true Jewish Hero and the author of OSLO B: THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A PALESTINIAN STATE.

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