Lashing Israel

By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst and Commentator

Again the White House feels it's time to lash Israel into compliance with "its" plans. Past methods to slap down Israel was to float a false accusation through US journals claiming Israel acted against US interests. The false accusations first appear on the New York Times front page, among other outlets of misleading information. Later disproved, there is a bare mention of their "mistake" or often none at all.

If one charts the many media attacks, generally it's just before Israel is to be forced into some concession that will put the Jewish State in jeopardy. Usually it is based on a State Dept. plan with Presidential approval to please one or all of the Arab nations. The pressure groups are those Arabist Americans who are either in the State Dept., Intelligence Agencies or the multi-national companies who possess great influence with these two groups and the media. Presently, the charge being floated is that Israel is spying on the US and, therefore, Clinton is now free to threaten Israel.

So, to what does Bill Clinton want Benjamin Netanyahu to knuckle under. First and foremost he demands that Netanyahu cease his demand that Arafat and the PLO comply with the terms of the Oslo agreements. Clinton, you may recall, issued several erroneous reports via the State Dept. to Congress, stating that Arafat did comply and, therefore, deserved the $500 million dollars the United States would grant supposedly based on mandatory compliance. The reports were so ludicrous and inaccurate that Congress almost rejected them. Clinton also wants Netanyahu to accept the verbal agreements made by Peres and the State Dept. to withdraw from the Golan without negotiations.

To appear that Israel is not the main target, other nations are also named in the CIA charges. Let's examine the arm-twisting charge by the CIA against Israel and France, among other countries. However, it must be recognized that these nations also want what Bill Clinton wants - in their own interest. For France or Russia being charged with spying and some hostile headlines are acceptable. Israel must be bent into their idea of peace and appeasement of the oil rich nations including Iran, Syria, Libya, Iraq, et al to whom they are and have been selling arms at great profit.

The false accusation is that "Israel spies on US industry". That would be a startling revelation except it's no secret all nations spy on all other nations. The US has so many intelligence agencies spying on all other countries, friendly and unfriendly, there is scarcely room for another spy desk in Washington. In November 1985 when Sec. of State Alexander Haig was asked whether America spied on its allies, he replied on television: "I certainly hope so." It's a logical assumption that, every US Embassy and Consulate has a spy 'desk' to gather and transmit intelligence back to the US. Conversely, the host country would monitor (wiretap and bug) each foreign embassy and have its own intelligence-gathering Embassy in America. With the possible exception of the old Soviet Union, nothing comes close to the foreign and domestic intelligence gathering capability of the NSA.

Israel is one of the main focal points for being spied upon and betrayed, especially when the gathered intelligence buys the US (and other nations) favor with our Arab "allies". For example, at this very moment Israelis are pleading with the US not to give or sell high resolution satellite photos of Israel's military positions to the Arabs - or its friends. It's merely another arm twister but a great danger to Israel.

When Israel caught Americans spying on its military, Israel quietly sent those spies home. When the US, catches a spy from England, France, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, it sends them home or dismisses the charges. But, not with Israel. Jonathan Pollard passed information to Israel on arms buying, especially chemical and gas weapons of Arab terrorist nations and their suppliers. Some of these Arab countries were supplied with American intelligence about Israel. President Clinton has twice refused commutation of Pollard's life sentence with no parole even though we now know that 10 American agents were killed in Soviet Russia, betrayed by Aldrige Ames, and not Pollard as claimed by Casper Weinberger. Therefore, in order to cover their mistake, the lie stands and Clinton will NOT release Pollard.

Watch the news for the next few weeks. Clinton has a growing concern over his shrinking lead in the polls and his success for a second term. The first arm twisting will come as justification for the spy accusation floated by the CIA, courtesy of Clinton. Clinton must claim a foreign policy win by forcing Israel to greater concessions even at great risk as the "Peres Peace" appears to have failed.

The so-called "Oslo Peace Accords" turn more rancid by the day. Not only has the PLO broken most of the Accords with Israel but now the Palestinian people are starting to riot over Arafat's treatment of them. The "Oslo Peace" concocted by Clinton and his team of Arabists was a hodge podge of lies, half truths, falsified documents, impossible concessions demanded of Israel which raised the Palestinian's expectations unrealistically. Now it's starting to unravel, negatively affecting re-election Clinton's chances.

Clinton's vision of claiming another peace prize is evaporating as Arafat's terrorist cum policemen savage their own people, as irrepressible terrorists do. Torture, murder, extortion, misuse of donor countries' funds by the PLO are the Arafat/Clinton legacy. Since Clinton can't force Arafat to control his terrorists or Hamas, he turns his wrath against Israel, demanding that Netanyahu, like Shimon Peres pretend Arafat is complying with Oslo. Killings of Jews by Arabs is to be dismissed in the euphoria of a peace more aptly characterized as the March of the Dead. 236 Israelis have been killed since 9/13/93.

Clinton expected that Netanyahu's promises to his people for more security and compliance by the PLO would simply be a politician's hot air rhetoric. Clinton presumed that by using American power he would overwhelm Netanyahu with threats, false accusations and beat him into submission. When it didn't happen, Clinton was furious. Who was this upstart to foil his plans and claims as the great peacemaker?

After all, didn't Clinton go to Sharm El Sheik to make a speech about fighting terrorism? 30 other countries were present at this political photo op, most of whom had either sold weapons to terrorist nations or themselves had allowed terrorist bases and training on their own territory. Clinton spoke again about fighting terrorism after 19 marines were bombed in Saudi Arabia. He forgot that Bibi was a real fighter and a member of an elite combat unit who really fought terrorism with their hands and brains but not their mouths and Bibi wrote 2 authoritative books on fighting international terrorism.

But worst of all for Clinton, Bibi came to America and spoke to the Congress saying that the free nations must fight terrorism with force and not words. He was given a standing ovation by Congress on both sides of the aisle and for this, Clinton cannot forgive him. So watch Clinton do his best, just like George Bush and Jim Baker did to break Israel when the Israelis would not risk their land and their lives because an American President wanted to win a second term or win the approval of Arab oil nations.

Watch for more false accusations leaked out of the dozens of propaganda offices in Washington and New York through the media long ago enslaved to the "leaked story" regardless of accuracy. Why must our Presidents sully their office and shame the nation with their self-serving machinations? Isn't there someone to fill that office who is not forced to say, "I am not a crook!"?

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