By David Basch

Arab jackal? Is this appellation of the Arab nothing but an indulgence in a crude racist imagery? It would be all of that if it did not accurately describe the essence of the Arab relation with Israel's Jews. Just as the jackal must devour the sheep because the jackal is what he is, so must the Arab destroy a Jewish Israel because he is an Arab -- an Arab for whom Islam is part of his defining condition. In both instances, it is only physical restraints that can prevent this inevitability.

Events in Israel tell the tale, as the Arabs make clear in word and deed that their goal is the destruction of Israel: read their Covenant, still in effect; hear the words of Arab leaders to their people, openly stating their contempt of Israel and their bloody intentions; hear Arafat's incitements to his people in violation of the Oslo agreement -- which I saw for myself on video -- and his declarations that he will not fight the Arab terrorism he is obligated to do under the agreement; finally, hear about PA active contributions to terrorism and crime against Israel's Jews.

And what about Arabs who are not like that, the Arabs that leftists know, the way southerners knew Blacks "who loved their slavery"? Those who observed the events in Bosnia got a lesson in the iron laws of communal strife in action. They saw how even those who had not the remotest thought to become part of the mutual slaughter were nevertheless caught up in the violence as events forced them to choose sides.

Not unexpectedly, Arab pledges made at Oslo have not bettered conditions for Israel and have actually made things worse. The Arab remains as committed to destroying Israel as the jackal is committed to eating his sheep. Nor will compromise work in either case. In both, it is all or nothing. Not only is the "jackal" metaphor all too apt, it even captures the repugnance that decent people will feel about such an avaricious animal.

The obvious conclusion that must follow from this awareness is that the Oslo process is a fraud perpetrated against the Israel's people. It is only an effective means whereby the Arabs get to achieve their goals in stages. The Arab jackals know this. Too many of the Israeli sheep, their heads firmly planted in the Olympus of universalist dreams of inter-animal brotherhood, can't bear to know it.

But already, Oslo has led to the illegal establishment of a rival national power within the borders of Israel with its own army, claiming sovereignty over all of Israel's lands. Tony Lewis who writes for the New York Times -- also speaks for the Arabs when he considers it a "humiliation" to the Arabs what Israel gave them in magnanimity and generosity as autonomous zones -- let them find a parallel under Arab governments. The Arabs have no conception of "generous Israel," only "the robber Israel" of the Arab lands, not an attitude auspicious to peace.

Meanwhile, the new "Arab government" promulgates its own laws, which it even imposes and enforces on Arabs living within Israel. The sanctuaries given by Israel to this new government have made possible unlimited aggression against Israel's people. The latest convocation of Arab savages of all stripes in Gaza spells the situation out once again with such crystal clarity that it is only the U.S. administration -- determined to appease its savage Arab allies for oil -- and the most deranged, radicals of the Jewish left that cannot fathom its meaning.

No matter how much the Netanyahu government tries to sugar coat this reality for political reasons, to suggest that the Arab jackal will, in effect, change his nature, the stubborn fact of Arab "jackalism" remains. The failure to face the truth is to the Israeli body politic like the inner disease that Hamlet describes when he speaks about "the imposthume of much wealth and peace /That inward breaks, and shows no cause without [on the outside] /Why the man dies."

All the verbal formulations during this time of illusory "peace processing" and ephemeral prosperity that deny the existence of this disease of Jewish self-deception, this "imposthume," will not change the harsh truth. The stubborn fact is that, like the jackal is a jackal, the Muslim-Arab is a Muslim-Arab. The jackal cannot be "taught" to change his nature by such things as explaining "the justice due the sheep" nor by the light slaps of holding back a few sugar cubes of taxes from him. The Arab jackal's urge to destroy

Israel is too ingrained to expect that. If the Arab jackal is not strategically and militarily countered, the condition of Israel will, to say the least, only get worse -- the "imposthume" breaks inward and the body dies.

Those who had already seen the reality of enduring Arab enmity and took note of the contrived strategies of the Arabs for Israel's destruction even during the times of Menachem Begin's dealings with Sadat can only be distressed to see that those insights, unhappily, have been fully confirmed. While Israel continues a slow meltdown, her exultant Arab enemies continue to gain strength and win legitimacy for the first stages of their goals. For example, this weekend, I spoke to a left-leaning Israeli who lives in Tel Aviv and who speaks with dread of the new dangerous condition of the armed Arabs that he had helped to create and to which he is now so inured that he urges restraint on Mr. Netanyahu rather than a more aggressive counter policy.

It would seem that the pride and the fortitude of purpose that the Arabs take on in pursuit of the realization of fictitious "Palestinian Arab peoplehood" is something from which even Israelis can learn. If more Israelis had a like belief in the rightness of their cause -- and it is truely a righteous cause, even if the leftists insist on squandering this right to pose as super-colossal, moral paragons to a world that justifiably regards them as a bunch of robbers or jerks -- Israel would not then be on the verge of a meltdown. She would not be facing the loss of her strategic territories, resources, capital city, Jerusalem, and perhaps (chalilah) national existence as well to the very Arabs whose efforts Israeli governments assisted.

The fine print of Israeli agreements with the Arabs need not be studied to learn what Israel does or does not have the right to do to save herself. Nations do not willingly commit suicide unless they were already heading there anyway as Israel surely has been when her leaders swore to the falsehood of "an Arab right" to Israel's lands. .

Needed is a Jewish leader that can unite the Israeli people for action by effectively communicating the realities of the Jewish plight, including an understanding of the implacable and utterly unjust attempt of the Arab jackal to have its will with them.

Is the Arab jackal's enterprise for the destruction of Israel something that an Israeli government ought to continue to hide from the Israeli people? Constructive relations with jackals by sheep can only be the product of a situation in which the jackal is firmly restrained in what it can do to the sheep. Otherwise left to his own devices, the jackal does what comes naturally. Israeli sheep who expect something else are destined not to create new generations.


David Basch is an architect and city planner in New York. He is also an expert on Shakespeare and the Freeman Center's political philosopher.

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