By Arvind Ghosh

There appear to be some inadequacies in a recent article on Jew-Hindu relations by an Anonymous Hindu and some uncalled for assumptions made, perhaps due to lack of information or perhaps due to a false sense of propriety which, of course, has no place in such evaluations.

It is not surprising that theologically the two religions, Judaism and Hinduism, have differences but unlike Mohammedanism and Christianity (specially Catholicism) there is no conflict between the two, as far as mutual conduct goes. The two religions were born and nurtured in totally different geographical and historical backgrounds and circumstances, one in what we know now as Israel and the other on the Indian subcontinent, with a distance of thousands of miles in between. It is well known that those Jews who had settled down in India, thousands of years ago, were treated gently and there never was any kind of persecution of the Jews under the Hindus, just as among two civilized peoples. On the other hand, when the Mohammedans came to India, a great upheaval took place throughout the land by virtue of the unethical code of conduct of the Mohammedans. The Mohammedans' proclivity toward Intolerance, Slaughter, Loot (or Anfal), Arson and Molestation of women of the enemy, came to be known as ISLAM.

The codes of Islam as enunciated in the Koran and the Hadis, the Sharia' and the Jeziya, gave the creed a bad name and soon enough differences took place. The Shia's and the Ahmediyas were born and frequent bloodshed took place throughout Moslem era. Right now, in Algeria and Pakistan for instance, killing with Kalashnikovs has gone on unchecked so much so that in those Islamic lands, death by natural causes has become almost synonymous with death by terrorists' bullets. And this slaughter is caused by own people unlike the slaughter recently perpetrated in a Jerusalem market by two suicide bombers!

It is not correct to say that the Jews had lost only six and a half million of their people during the second world war. That number is only a small part of the total number the Jewish people have lost over the long period of their existence. That figure does not take into account the millions slaughtered during the period of the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal under Catholic suzerainty and before that under Moorish occupation of Andalusia or the decimation of Jewish life and property that had gone on for centuries under the Ottomans and Mohammedans of all hues in North Africa.

It has become a fashion today to talk of 'ethnic cleansing'. No one has kept a precise record of the number and ways in which the Jewish people were annihilated throughout Islamic rule as a sequel to the 'ethnic cleansing, kidnaping, hostage taking for ransom and so on', started by the prophet of Islam in the entire Arabian peninsula and later continued by the various Caliphs, in other lands. It does not take too much imagination to evaluate the damage done to the Jewish people over the years by the Mohammedans and Catholics.

Similarly, on the Indian subcontinent as well, the slaughter has been immense. The few million dead during the partition of India and Pakistan is nothing in comparison to the number slaughtered by the Mohammedans when they first attacked India. An entire Himalayan range earned the epithet of HINDU KUSH (in other words, where Hindus were slaughtered en masse by Moslems). An estimate by Swami Vivekananda himself evaluated the number of Hindus slaughtered by Mohammedans during the Sultanate days was more than 60 million, and that figure did not take into account the numbers killed in the HINDU KUSH RANGE of the Himalays.

We must not lose sight of the fact that among the Jews, as well as among the Hindus, there are many who suffer from a myopia that prevents them from perceiving the sufferings of their own people. And thus we have inexplicable conduct of the editors of papers like the NY Times, etc. Many of course work under the compulsion of Arab oil money!

However, it must be said that intellectually, education-wise and in many other ways, the Jews today stand at a very high level of competence and effectiveness. But their numbers are small. The Hindus, on the other hand, still have the superiority of numbers but nothing more. Under such circumstances, the only way the Jews and the Hindus can come to a meaningful cooperation is to lend Jewish technical know-how to the Hindus while the Hindus should provide the right kind of man power to the Jews along with raw materials.

But that cannot be realized as long as India is ruled by traitors and Jews are divided internally by the left and the right ideologues. The gigantic problems that the Jews have on their hands prevent them from rendering any kind of help to the Hindus. In India, on the other hand, the people are misguided by ill-equipped leaders. Otherwise how can one explain the influx of 20 million B'deshi Mohamedans over several years and the Hindu leaders never even murmured. How come Hindus are being driven away from Kashmir and not a single KASHMIR DAY was observed to bring the matter to the attention of Hindus all over India that a part of their country was being savaged by the Mohammedans? In this country, for instance, the US government instituted the YELLOW RIBBONS at the time when Khomeini's men were busy hostage taking, to inform the general public of what was going on in Iran! Both the Berlin Wall and the Ayodhya mosque were symbols of foreign intrusion and both were brought down by ordinary men and women by their hands and hammers. The Hindu leadership of India failed to draw the analogy between the two cases. Thus we had international acclamation for the fall of the Berlin Wall and world-wide curse for the Ayodhya demolition and the top Hindu leader, Advani even resigned from his post of leadership of the BJP after the demolition of Ayodhya Mosque built by Babar.

India's Hindus need to look for help if any such help IS available. But we should never forget that 'Self help is the best help' and 'God helps those that help themselves'. If the Jews can help with technical know-how, there is no harm in accepting it. But let us not imagine that the Jews are going to fight a battle which should really be fought by the Hindus themselves!


Arvind Ghosh is a Hindu scholar and publisher. He is also a Freeman Center research associate.

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