By Bernard J Shapiro

The Freeman Center sends condolences to the families of the victims of today's triple suicide bombing on Ben Yehuda Street in Jerusalem. At the same time we must accuse the Israeli government of dereliction of duty and perhaps also negligence for continuing the Oslo Suicide Process. The Israeli government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has at its disposal a powerful military and has good intelligence that a group of people plan to murder its citizens. When that government fails to act, then it is negligent. This is what continues to happen in Israel.

How many times have we heard demands from the Netanyahu government that "Arafat must fight terrorism?"

How many times has this government published lists of Palestinian Authority non-compliance with the terms of the Oslo Accords?

How many warnings have been issued to Arafat?

The Freeman Center has repeatedly broadcast the truth through many public forums. That truth is a simple concept: The fox can not guard the chickens. The wolf will not cohabit with the sheep and not make a meal of them. Arafat is doing his job quite well. He is killing Jews, which is his claim to fame. The job of protecting Israelis and fighting terrorism rightfully belongs to the Israel Defense Forces ALONE. To believe that this job could be subcontracted out to world renown Jew killers was always a delusion.

The Oslo Accords were always the Kevorkian Plan -- Land for Suicide, with the U.S. President and State Department assisting. At least half of the population of Israel and a much greater proportion of American Jews have accepted this voluntarily, some with enthusiasm. That of course makes the Kevorkian comparison even more accurate.

I have just one question for all of those supporters of Israeli suicide: How many dead Jews will it take for you to see the HARSH REALITY? How many body parts strewn across Israeli streets will it take for you to RE- EVALUATE the wisdom of making a pact with the DEVIL. Remember as Faust pointed out: When you deal with the devil, you lose your soul.

Netanyahu was elected on a platform opposed to Oslo, terrorism, and lack of reciprocity. I say to him now: DO IT. I say it loud and I will say it often. I pray he hears the message and acts accordingly.


Bernard J. Shapiro is Executive Director of the Freeman Center and editor of THE MACCABEAN.

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