By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Israel recently released a definitive report on all the agreements broken by Arafat and Company. This 37 page report lists only the major violations. It is impressive, particularly when put side by side with the report issued by Bill Clinton and the US State Dept., attesting to the compliance by Arafat.(1) In effect, the President knowingly lied with malice in his report on Arab non-compliance. President Clinton has become a de facto party to the plans and lies of Yassir Arafat...but Why? The words of Arafat have been video and audiotaped from PBC (Palestine Broadcasting Company). He has said, repeatedly, from the day of the Oslo handshake: "We will take ALL of Israel with Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine and ONLY of this State, and anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water." "The Jews will leave and go back where they came from." "We will liberate the holy land of Palestine in blood and fire." The bombing at Machane Yehuda July 30th was a "military operation".

Arafat leaves no doubt the Jews in Israel would be dispensed with. Like the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Amin al-Husseini (Faisel Husseini's uncle) during a WWII visit in Berlin, requested that Hitler move his killing machine to Palestine (then the British Mandate for the Jewish homeland), to liquidate all the Jews. Arafat's Grand Mufti of Jerusalem on incited from the Al Aksa Mosque: "......Jews are sons of pigs and monkeys."

The President and the Arabist State Dept. knew of Arafat's abrogation of the Olso agreements before issuing positive reports. Do we not have such double agents as Saeb Erekat on the CIA payroll? Does not the American Consulate in the eastern section of Jerusalem act as a listening post as they perform their duties for Arab interests in the Jewish capital of Jerusalem?

The President and State Dept. forgets, or ignores, the principles laid down at the Nuremburg Tribunal, where Hitler's henchmen were tried and hung. The laws of Nuremberg, subsequently internationalized, instructed the civilized world that, to assist in planning the destruction of a people, a nation is the same as committing genocide. Those who do so virtually become war criminals.

Our President, through American intelligence gathering mechanisms, knew to the smallest details that Arafat, the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, all with their patron nations of Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Egypt were planning a war of extinction, a war of genocide. According to a highly placed Congressional source, on July 29, 1997 Egypt's President Mubarak suddenly visited Syria's President Assad in Damascus. They formed a new military alliance with Syria, Iran, and Iraq. (Just like King Hussein on May 30, 1967) in 1997 President Mubarak joined this pan-Arab military alliance because he's committed to the anti-Israel jihad, giving his intelligentsia and media license to spew anti-Semitic propaganda and vile cartoons, inflaming the Islamic passions of his people in preparation for a coming war.

But, you may say, what about the Camp David Peace Accords? Mubarak annulled them 10 years after they were signed, as mandated by the tenets of Islam in the Koran: 'You may sign a peace treaty with your enemy, the infidel, but only for 10 years. When he's weakened, you must take back in blood what you previously lost.' The Arab states have broken over 350 agreements between themselves in this century. Contracts and agreements are meaningless in the Middle East, a simple fact the West and Israel have been slow to learn.

According to an August 3rd report by this Congressional expert on Counter-Terrorism, on July 22, Mubarak revealed the "Iranian interest in military cooperation with Egypt" in order to confront the growing military ties between Turkey and Israel. In what was supposed to be a closed speech to honor graduates of the military and police academies, Mubarak stated that "Iran has tried to establish military relations with Egypt" and that "Cairo cannot rule out such a regional alliance." Tehran's key newspapers editorialized on what IRNA termed "improvement in Tehran-Cairo relations to counter the Zionist expansionist policies." "Not only Egypt but other regional countries should devise a collective and comprehensive policy to combat the tyrant Zionists." Further: "if all the oppressed join hands with Iran in the front lines, Zionists will become increasingly vulnerable." The declared goal of his July 29 sudden visit to Damascus was the "joint coordination between the 2 Arab states." "Both leaders agreed on practical modalities for implementing the regional military alliance advocated by Iran." On his way back to Cairo, Mubarak stopped in Amman. King Hussein left his meeting with Israel's Foreign Minister David Levy. Mubarak urged King Hussein to join the emerging regional order, but, reportedly, Hussein declined.

The Arab-Iranian scenarios for a future regional war call for the PLO to be the instigator of fighting through provocations - spectacular terrorism - at the heart of Israel. According to high-level PA/PLO sources, Arafat was briefed by Egyptian officials: "Egypt, Syria and Iran have formulated final guidelines of a tripartite alliance that is expected to expand to include Iraq," (from the PA's Al-Hayah Al-Gadidah).

July 31, Armed Forces Day in Syria, a sacred day for the Ba'ath Party elite, Assad was absent. In his keynote address, read by his Chief of Staff Gen. Hikmat al-Shihabi, anticipating a major war for the liberation of the Golan Heights. "Syria will not give up a grain of its soil. As the complete return by peaceful means does not exist war is increasingly likely." "Israel is afraid of the Syrian Army, because it is aware of the heavy losses it can inflict." Where was Assad? Shihabi told his audience that he was in Tehran on a major surprise and secret visit to discuss their "strategic relations". Assad brought 300 senior officials in 3 aircraft. Assad revealed Mubarak's agreement to join the alliance with Iran. Egypt will counterbalance Iraq - an Iranian concern. On Iranian and Syria TV the new Ayatollah Ali Khamene'i, (called a "moderate" by Washington) urged the entire Muslim world to unite and "confront threats by their enemies" namely, Israel and the United States.

The report continues that "the prevailing Arab perception is that Israel is uniquely vulnerable. Israel is torn from the inside in the raging debate over the prospects for peace, the proper reaction to Arafat's terrorism and the polarization of the Israeli public. Moreover, Israel is considered militarily weak and vulnerable according to the Knesset's own findings about the IDF's shortcomings. In 1997 (a replay of 1967) Arafat is again contemplating the instigation of a regional war through terrorism. The leading driving forces are Syria and Iran who have already unleashed Islamist terrorists they control and sponsor to support Arafat. King Hussein's May 30, 1967 visit to Cairo unleashed the Six Day War. Will President Mubarak's July 29,1997 visit to Damascus (and Assad trip to Tehran July 31) prove equally fateful?" (2)

Clinton is required by law to issue a review of Arafat's compliance with the Oslo Accords. Each time such a report was issued and approved by the White House, it has been a virtual tissue of lies. The next report, expected to once again whitewash Arafat, has been delayed because the President can hardly fake it with bodies still being buried in Israel. The Palestinians have been arming, killing, implementing plans of attack, (The 2 bombers of the Machane Yehuda produce market have not yet been identified. Possibly, they came from the outside, perhaps Hizb'Allah terrorists, direct from Iran via Syria.) But, President Clinton, knowing the truth (if his Intelligence Agencies misled him, it's still his responsibility), chose instead to publish a big lie. His white paper protected those hell bent on genocide while his dis-honest brokerage of appeasement giveaways of more and more Israeli land and water weakened the intended victims.

Israel's compilation of the specifics of Arafat's perfidy flies in the face of Clinton's whitewash and proves the lie. To lie as a politician to gain power and money seems comparatively normal in our warped democratic society. But, lying in lock-step with a well-known terrorist whose plans call for Jihad (Holy War), is another matter. As A.N. Rosenthal says to tell the truth about Arafat would spoil all those lovely lunches at the White House with the murderer of Americans.

The threshold for genocide has been crossed as over 250 Israelis have been murdered and thousands maimed since Oslo, with the Palestinians cheering each killing. Nothing's hidden since no attempt is made by Arafat and his various splinter groups to deny their atrocities. When one of their terrorists are killed, or a suicide bomber blows up the innocent, Arafat holds a ceremony honoring the killer. Yes, indeed, President Clinton knows, as do our American Intelligence Agencies who waste their satellites to spy on Israel instead of terrorists.

The 37 page report may shock some while to others who always knew, the report is merely written confirmation. The President has a long term relationship with Israel's dedicated enemies. Are they part of the cash flow to the President as were the illegal Asian and Chinese contributions? Has the President entered the White House with a debt he must pay to Asia and the Arabs? The Nuremburg Tribunals were mainly an American show even though other countries participated. We Americans promoted the internationalization of the law, which stipulates penalties of imprisonment and even execution for those who participated in genocide. At this very moment a war of genocide against the small State of Israel is being planned. Our great democratic nation, through the offices of the elected President has been apprised of these plans and yet insists upon strengthening Israel's adversaries and weakening the intended victim.

The Middle East Peace Facilitation Act (MEPFA) law will expire on August 12. This allows the President to give Arafat's PA $500,000,000 of US taxpayers' money. If MEPFA expires it would cut off US financial aid to the Palestinians, make diplomatic contacts illegal again and force closure of the PLO Washington office. The White House is lobbying intensively to extend the law. As a result of 6 months of Arab rioting against Israel with bombs, boulders and bullets, Congress finally voted to stop this hemorrhage of American money and support to the PLO. Let your Congressmen and President know how you feel about this. Knowledgeable people believe Clinton will by-pass Congress and ignore the negative vote on MEPFA and funnel money through Israel. This might seem incredible but, money is fungible and, if American pressure requires Netanyahu to transfer money to Arafat - then that is what will be done!

Clinton has been protecting Arafat from the day he took office. On March 3 Arafat said on American TV that he was responsible for all the PLO's operations. Recall the phone intercept March 1973 where the Israelis picked up Arafat giving orders to his Black September to execute American Ambassador Cleo Nol, Jr. and G. Curtis Moore in Khartoum, Sudan. Israel gave the tape to President Nixon and the State Department.(3) Then, too, our American President ignored the evidence. Recall when the CIA station chief William Buckley was kidnaped and tortured to death and the President refused to send out a hit team because it would disturb the Arabs. Remember Marine Col. Higgins, twisting at the end of an Arab rope? Nothing was done.

Now we have suicide bombers blowing up 15 civilians and seriously wounding 170 men, women and children, Jews and Arabs, young and old. Word out of Washington is that US Intelligence picked up an Arafat transmission to proceed with the Jerusalem operation. And when it was over, Arafat called it a "military operation" on Palestinian TV. That sure set the tone for fighting terrorism.

As Israel hemorrhages its life blood, Clinton and Netanyahu agree on a new approach called: "Final Status" or "Final Settlement". That means that Arafat will get less than he wants but could accept another slice in a poisoned salami. Islam teaches that a Muslim may make a peace with an infidel for a maximum of 10 years and then must break this agreement, or may attack sooner if they believe their adversary is vulnerable. In fact, the Koran mandates this break off and the subsequent pursuit of their weaker victim. Arafat and his supporters cannot and will not be satisfied with anything less that a Judenrein Israel and complete Islamic control of Jerusalem. They have demonstrated their game plan time and again. When Israel released Gaza and seven other cities to Arafat, he immediately made them into armed fortresses. They increased the number of terrorist put into police uniforms and undercover, while smuggling in astonishing quantities of automatic weapons, shoulder-fired missiles, tons of ammunition, etc. Clearly, they are getting for "peace". The word "peace" in the lexicon of Arafat simply means "war" by other means.


1. Israeli & Palestinian Compliance with the Hebron Accord: A Comprehensive Assessment" Israel Government Press Office 7/1997

2. "Deja Vu All Over Again" broadcast by the Freeman Center for Strategic Studies, Houston TX 8/3/97

3. "Shaming the Nation" by Emanuel A. Winston Jewish Press 3/14/97

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