A Voice from Hebron - August 21, 1998


The PLO Would Not Have Murdered
Rav Shlomo, z"tl, H"yd

By Gary M. Cooperberg

When the Satan dances it does not discriminate between good and evil. It is the government of Israel which bears the guilt for turning the Satan loose upon us. Death and injury have been striking at Jews, young and old, observant and non-observant, leftists and right-wing.Car accidents; buildings collapsing; children falling from windows; family violence, and, of course the war in Lebanon and terror inside our country, have needlessly claimed so many Jewish lives.

It angers me when I read reports from the Prime Minister's office detailing the countless and continuous violations of Oslo by the PLO. First of all it comes as no surprise. But, most important and frustrating, why is the Prime Minister issuing these reports if he continues to accept these violations as normal? The violations are countless. Any one of them should be grounds to undo Oslo, and yet our prime minister is sending a representative to Oslo to join with Shimon Peres in celebrating the beginning of disaster in our homeland!

Rav Shlomo Ra'anan, z"l, H"yd was a gentle, kindly man. It is more than an outrage that such a tzaddik should be brutally murdered in his home as he was preparing to retire for the night, and that his wife had to witness this horror. But, what is even worse, is the fact that our government is asking the chief of the murderers to help find the terrorist and "bring him to justice". This is even stupider than hiring the fox to watch the chickens. Does our leadership really expect Arafat to catch and punish the murderer who is, to him, a hero of the PLO? Why is the main worry harbored by the army that Jewish vigilantes might take acts of revenge (which usually are limited to breaking car windows)?

The problem is not with the IDF. The problem is with the lack of Jewish leadership. If Jewish leaders would, at long last be honest with themselves and realize that our enemies are not about to help us fight terror (which they view as acts of heroism), then maybe we can get back to the realization that it is our obligation to combat terror. . . not Arafat's. If Netanyahu is afraid that Jewish citizens may take the law into their hands, it is only because he has refused to take responsibility to protect his citizens. Before he handed over 80% of Hebron to Arafat never had such a brutal and brazen act of cold-blooded murder ever taken place. And, if it had, the IDF would have acted swiftly to retaliate. Now, because of the retreat from our holy city, we are guilty of having shackled our own army and given freedom of attack and escape to our enemies.

There is only one way to react to terror, and that is to smash it without mercy. Any self-respecting Jewish government would immediately cease all contact with the PLO and begin to take military action to undo all of the mistakes of Oslo with a resolve that would make it abundantly clear to all, that resistance to our reclamation of what is ours will be met with the full might of our army. If we were able to redeem Judea and Samaria from our enemies in 1967 in only six days; if we were able to route the PLO in Lebanon in less time, then certainly we are fully able to wipe out the PLO and reclaim our homeland today.

Our enemies hate us for not giving away our homeland fast enough. Better they should hate us for taking all of it back and treating the PLO as the murderous terrorists that they are. Now is one more in a series of horrible and ugly opportunities to undo the mess we made. Each time we refuse to throw out Arafat and take back all of our homeland we earn ourselves new "opportunities" which promise to be even uglier.





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