By Emanuel A. Winston

President Clinton, like his predecessor, mightily denounced terrorism. Clinton made another vow similar to many he's already broken in the past. Pledging justice and justifiable revenge springs from the President's lips as easily as his tears at a political funeral. A sophomoric Clinton burbles heroic words with his puckered chin set for the cameras. However, terrorist operations usually come from nations or groups where American politicians and industry have a vested, financial interest.

Many other Americans have been murdered by terrorists but Clinton acts more their protector and apologist than the "Great Hunter of Terrorists". Almost 300 men, women and children were murdered by Palestinian terrorists since Oslo: Among them 11 Americans: Alisa Flatow, Nachshon Wachsman, Yael Botwin, 14, David Boim, 17, Joan Davenny, 46, Dov Dribben, 28, Sara Duker, 22, Matthew Eisenfeld, 25, Leah Stern, Yaron Unger and Ira Weinstein. Eight Arab terrorists involved in the murders have been identified as living freely in Arafat's territory. But, our vaunted President and his do-nothing Attorney General Reno, did absolutely nothing to bring them to trial. The Clinton Administration and his Justice Department didn't even issue an arrest warrant. The media has copied this policy by NOT listing Americans killed in Israel in their "Scorecard of Terrorist Attacks".(1) US presidents have literally invited terrorist attacks against America because their inactions advertise that Americans are a safe target.

Why? I will tell you why. President Clinton has a vested interest in not upsetting the Arabs. Why is that? Because corporations with their financial interests in Arab money very easily influence our Presidents, State and Justice Departments with a certain mind-set. Capturing, killing or bringing Arab terrorists to justice might arouse the ire of the Arab states or the EU (European Union) because it makes their money collection more difficult - or so they think. Recall how the French made a deal with the PLO and other terrorist groups allowing them free access "IF" they didn't conduct terror there.

Regrettably, we've had a succession of Presidents tied to corporate funding with a heavy stake in Arab oil markets. Sometimes they take money from Arab sources along with China, Asia or any nation/corporation/individual who can "sneak" money into their political campaigns. Recall Syria's bombing of the Marine Barracks in Lebanon October 1983 where 241 Americans were murdered? Rather than cite Syria as the perpetrator, Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger under President Reagan decided retaliation wasn't in line with our/his foreign policy. Syria's Assad was to be part of the fantasy Arab bulwark against Iran, and, therefore, untouchable. When Reagan ordered a retaliatory attack on Syria, Weinberger countermanded the Presidential order.

Recall Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland where 270 people were massacred? Rather than cite Syria and Iran as the true perpetrators our President chose instead the safer target - Moammar Khaddafi. Evidence showed planning and organization was done in Syria by the PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) by Ahmed Jibril, commissioned by Iranian officials. Did Jibril or Iran get Libya to do the dirty work? To shield Syria, the US held only 2 Libyan terrorist flunkies accountable. Syria, as in many other incidents, was protected by several US presidents and our State Dept.(2)

After each terrorist attack, Reagan/Weinberger, Bush/Baker, and now Clinton/Gore/Albright were all quick to offer their condolences and threats of retaliation - but no action. The CIA was not tasked to hunt down and bring these terrorists to trial - even when William Buckley, CIA Station Chief was captured and tortured by Arab terrorists. Marine Lt. Col. William R. Higgins, an American member of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), was kidnaped, tortured and shown on television twisting in the wind from an Arab hangman's rope. Our vaunted leaders roared retribution but settled for the news headlines and Photo Ops. The checklist of atrocities against Americans reads like a Who's Who of Arab Terrorists.

Because of inaction by Clinton and Bush, America is no longer respected as a superpower nor feared by terrorists, particularly in the Mideast where Arabs honor power. When terrorists know avengers are on their trail, it's difficult to plan and carry out attacks. But, when American Presidents, fronting for US and foreign corporations, protect them, terrorists feel very safe. This "New World Order" is a cabal of men (and few women, like Hilary) in politics and industry whose purpose is to insure their business and cash flow continues smoothly. If some nations and their people are sacrificed to terrorist groups or nations to keep a felonious peace, that is a price this greedy, evil cabal is willing to pay.

When Israel tries to take out a well-known ringleader terrorist, US Presidents and the State Dept. floods American papers with: "Oh, dear...How could you persecute this nice fellow." They seem to have granted the terrorists and terrorist State sponsors "diplomatic immunity". The perverse UN is a virtual support group for Arab Terror who condemns Israel for building houses. But the UN doesn't threaten sanctions against these murderous groups who kill under the banner of Islamic Fundamentalism in their Jihad (Holy War) against America who they call the "Great Satan" and Israel who they call the "Little Satan". They instigate, organize, commit their violent acts under ever-changing names, usually some variant on Hezb'Allah (Party of God - the militant Iranian and Syrian-backed terrorists group), Islamic Liberation, Palestinian Liberation, Islamic Brotherhood, etc. Killing by Terror, butchering innocent civilians deserves nothing less than "Retaliation".

America needs to operate retaliation teams in those nations which harbor and even direct terrorist operations. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan all play the game of hiding terror. They fund terrorists, provide weapons, safe houses and organization. After an operation terrorists are welcomed back as heroes under the protection of the their host countries and the UN.

The foolish Israelis, under US pressure, turned Gaza and 7 West Bank cities over to Yassir Arafat, a terrorist known to have killed more innocents than any other terrorist. Recall that Arafat was tape-recorded ordering the execution of American Ambassador Cleo Noel, Jr., his aide and a French minister in Khartoum, Sudan. Despite Oslo, PLO terrorists dash back to these cities of refuge after their atrocities, to blend into the "civilian" population, who knows everything, since they provide the safe houses. Here again, we find the camel's nose (Big Business) in the Israeli tent, protecting terrorists while appeasing Arab clients.

Knowing the Arabs have tried to wipe out Israel in six wars and their continuous threat to do so is in violation of Oslo, no doubt Clinton and his followers understand very well that Israel could go under. If so, Clinton, Madame Albright, Sandy Berger and other dedicated US Arabists may one day be tried for aiding and abetting Genocide. But, they continue to insist that Israel weaken herself to a point where the Arab nations, with their advance team of terrorists as the Arab Trojan Horse, will win the battle by sheer force of numbers, equipment and betrayal. Let us not forget how Arafat ordered his Palestinians in Kuwait to betray that nation in league with the devil incarnate, Saddam Hussein.

But, Arafat is still backed by Clinton, the European Union and the Russians. In other words, Arafat and his terrorists cannot commit an operation heinous enough for Clinton to break off his support of Arafat.

Remember, the Clintons must rely on major corporations for future jobs after their Presidency. He and Hilary are in debt, with millions in legal fees plus their now accustomed regal life style of the super rich, afforded by his position as President. He and She will need gainful employment where the salaries and perks start at $500,000 to several million dollars per year. Obviously, this is not the time to anger the oil related corporations, the Arab nations, the Asians, the Chinese, et al. As for pursuing terrorists, don't hold your breath. A few things in Clinton's character remain consistent.


1. "A Scorecard on Terrorist Attacks" by David Johnston & Philip Shenon NEW YORK TIMES 8/9/98

2. "Did Syria & Iran have a role bombing Pan Am 103?" by Trudy Rubin PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER 11/29/91


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst & commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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