The Liar as a Personification of the Arabs

CAMERA Alert...Edward Said

Shalom CAMERA letter writers:

We wanted you to be aware of recent developments concerning Edward Said, the noted Columbia University Professor and leading anti-Israel propagandist. According to a long article in the current Commentary magazine by Israeli scholar Justus Weiner, Said's early personal history is almost entirely fabricated. Mr. Said has long portrayed his own family's story as a paradigm for the dispossession allegedly inflicted upon Palestinians by Israel.

Now it turns out that Said and his family are from Cairo, totally contradicting the very detailed claims he has long made that he was brought up in Jerusalem, that he attended St George's School there, and that he and his family were forced out of their home by the Haganah in 1947.

Following are two articles published today -- one from the New York Times, and one from the Wall Street Journal. It seems certain that pro-Said calls and letters will flood the media, so it is important to contact these outlets to reinforce the point that the lies Said has told are not just personal -- they mirror the blatantly false propaganda that has long been at the heart of the anti-Israel movement. Just as Said's family was not forced from Israel, neither were other Arabs the victims of Israeli ethnic cleansing.

Letter writers in the tri-state New York City area can also contact public television station WNET concerning the July 5th Said documentary they aired, In Search of Palestine. In the program Said actually stands in front of the home he has long claimed as his own, "remembering" his childhood there, etc. The documentary contained numerous other inventions and fabrications, both about Said's personal history, and about the larger history of the Israel-Arab conflict. In light of the recent revelations, WNET should publicly disavow the documentary and apologize to viewers for airing it.

Contact the Wall Street Journal to praise them for publishing the article below, and to underscore the larger meaning of Said's fabrications:

The Wall Street Journal

200 Liberty Street

New York, NY 10281

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