A Voice from Hebron - September 3, 1999

Wye Do We Continue To Negotiate With Terror?

By Gary M. Cooperberg

Two beautiful young Jewish lives were snuffed out like candles in the darkness last Sunday. What was the terrible crime that cost 25 year-old Yechiel Finfiter and 21 year-old Sharon Shteinmetz their lives?

If one is given to pessimism, now is a good time to quit. Jews are being shot at and murdered while the Israeli government is negotiating with the murderers! Bargains are being made concerning how many Arab terrorist prisoners will be set free, and how much Jewish land will be turned over to Arafat.

How did we ever get into this mess? Would any of us have imagined, even ten years ago, that it would be official Israeli government policy to sit down with the likes of Arafat and his PLO to negotiate the terms of our self-destruction? That last phrase, by the way, was originally coined and asked by former Prime Minister Menachem Begin, of blessed memory, who accurately described the absurdity of such negotiations.

The deeper we become entangled in this web of deception, the weaker our arguments seem to be. Futile attempts are made to logically explain why it is wrong to "honor" Oslo and Wye. There is no logical reason why either of these agreements ever saw the light of day, yet we seem to treat them as some kind of mandatory obligation to honor a commitment to destroy ourselves. It is not within the context of such agreements that we will find a solution. We will only begin to rescue ourselves from pending doom when we openly declare that the entire so called "peace"process is a fraud. Not merely should it be entirely abandoned, but we must undo the tragic mistakes we have made.

First and foremost, let it be said, loud and clear, and over and over again, Arafat and his PLO are terrorists. They are not a legitimate political entity, nor is there a legitimate nation called "palestine". The government of Israel violated its most basic obligation to its constituents when it first entered into negotiations with these murderers. It is comparable to the government of the United States having entered into negotiations with Jack the Ripper, offering to make him ruler of his own country within the continental United States and giving him weapons and having his fellow murderers be given recognition as policemen, being armed and trained as well. It is an unthinkable concept, yet it has happened here in Israel.

There is no other alternative than to recognize this blunder and undo it. Any other attempt to find a solution will result in tragedy. Every day that "negotiations" continue we are guilty of perpetuating this perfidious hoax

The real tragedy is the fact that nearly everyone involved knows that the entire process is one of self-deception. I am not sure about Peres, but certainly Rabin, Netanyahu and Barak never seriously felt that Arafat has been magically transformed into an angel. The deceitful process of Oslo has taken on a life of its own and has incredibly dragged along those who are responsible for running our country upon a path of self-destruction which has seen them abandon their most basic survival instinct.

It is as if our leadership has fallen into a deep sleep. Should they be nudged by an annoying murder or attempted murder, they just roll over and continue sleeping. It is the obligation of every one of us who is still awake to try to splash cold water on our leaders. We must repeat, again and again, the fact that there is no peace process. When you negotiate with terrorists you only encourage more terror. Unless we destroy those who seek our destruction, they will continue to seek our destruction. There is no concession imaginable that will make the terrorist love us, other then our agreement to commit mass suicide. And, in fact, that is exactly where these negotiations are leading.

It is not the freeing of terrorists that should be of primary concern. It is the self-delusion that the King of Terror is the Prince of Peace which is the bubble we must work to burst. As we approach the climax of the Biblical process of Zionist redemption, Jew and Gentile alike have an obligation to consider the ramifications of what is happening in Israel today. The fact is that it affects all of Mankind. Zionism is not a political movement. It is a Biblical process which will continue unto completion because it is the Will of G-d. To treat Israel as just another country is to abandon Mankind's only hope for redemption. Holiness may be accepted or denied, but it may never be negotiated.

Let the government of Israel at long last recognize that it has an awesome responsibility, not only to the People of Israel, but to all the nations of the world. Peace is not a commodity that can be purchased by denying Divine obligations. It will only come as a result of fulfilling those obligations even when it seems difficult or even impossible to do so. As it is written in this week's parsha, Deuteronomy XXXI 6: "Be steadfast and be strong; do no fear them or be frightened of them, for it is your G-d who goes with you. He will not abandon you or forsake you."

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