A Voice from Hebron -- August 19, 1999


By Gary M. Cooperberg

Logic is a strange thing. It is consistent, even when we prefer not to be. There is a lot of fuss being made these days about the likelihood of Israel releasing Arab terrorists who were convicted of murdering Jews. There can be no question but that such a concept is immoral by any standard. Yet, logically, given the present situation in Israel, it is perfectly legitimate to do so.

Yasser Arafat is, undoubtedly, a murderer of Jews. He is a leading terrorist who still plots the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people. The political leaders of the Jewish State elevated this murderer to the status of statesman and man of peace. It is the biggest and best known lie of the century, yet few have the courage to admit it. When Arafat talks about the "peace of the brave", what he really means is the "peace of fools". I am sure that no one was more amazed than he when Shimon Peres suggested that Israel was prepared to help him create his PLO state on Jewish soil. Why should he not sit with Israelis and talk peace? He talks and Israel gives him land and weapons with which to destroy us. It is a nightmare come true for us, and far beyond the dreams of the low life terrorist.

The concept of "making peace" with terror has been repeated so often in the media that a great many people already consider it a legitimate concept. If the Israeli government has decided that Arafat, who has always been the veritable symbol of terrorism, is now a man of peace, then how can anyone not agree that his underlings, who are sitting in prison for obeying his commands to murder Jews, should now go free?

Before we protest the freeing of murderers we must go back and fix the axiom from the beginning. If Arafat is a legitimate leader of a legitimate people whom we accept as such, then we are saying that his acts of murder were legitimate, as was his cause. If this is really true, then we should not be conducting a peace treaty, we should simply reject our right as Jews to a Jewish homeland and hand over the entire country to Arafat and his murderers! Why can we not see the absurdity of what we have already done? We are lying to ourselves. We have a national policy to pay blackmail to murderers and call it "peace". When the blackmailer comes back for more, rather than smash him and take back all that belongs to us, we offer to "negotiate". While, "negotiations" may take a bit longer then war, history has shown that Israel can win wars, but always loses in "negotiations". Our enemies have taken a long time to discover this fact, but they are now getting pretty good at demolishing us in "negotiations" for "peace".

Any honest observer knows that Arafat does not seek peace with an Israel of any size. It is clear that all "peace" negotiations, from the Arab point of view, are designed to weaken the Jewish state to the point where she can be physically destroyed. Everyone knows this, including the government of Israel. But rather than be honest, our leaders are playing a very dangerous game which jeopardizes Jewish lives even more than a real war would. The minute we hand over the last piece of land we are willing to part with and have no choice but to tell our "peace partners" "We are sorry, but that is all we can give", that is when the war will begin. As long as we continue to give and to promise to give more, the Arabs will be patient with us.

So we are playing a waiting game which sees all the cards stacked against us. One would expect that a prime minister who is also a professional military expert would act in the best interests of his country and stop this madness immediately. There is no justification to continue upon the path of self mutilation which can only lead to self destruction. If it is clear that we will eventually go to war for our very survival, and it is clear, then why do we insist upon assisting our enemies in their efforts? If everyone can see that the day will come when we will have no choice but to say "NO", then why wait until we have nothing left to fight with? Why can we not stop and say "NO", right now?

There is only one path to peace and that is not by surrendering to an enemy who seeks your destruction. Peace will only come when the Jewish People recognizes its role in this world. G-d did not give us back our homeland in order that we parcel it out to Arafat, or anyone else for that matter. He gave it to us to prove to the world that He is in charge. We are His instrument to bring genuine peace to all of Mankind, not by violating His Will, rather by submitting to it. When we merely sit down and discuss the possibility of giving away part of our holy inheritance all we do is invite tragedy.

One does not "negotiate" with terror. The only way to deal with terror is to crush it completely and relentlessly. No one will ever turn Arafat into a saint, not even Shimon Peres. The first step to real peace will be "negotiate" with Arafat on his terms and ruthlessly destroy both him and his followers. All lands under his present control must be taken back and the PLO must be completely driven out from our homeland with no exceptions.

President Clinton might see this as the work of "enemies of peace", but, in reality, those who conduct negotiations whose only result is capitulation to the demands of murderers are the real enemies of peace, and that includes Mr. Clinton himself.

So, to my friends who rightfully reject the suggestion that murderers be released from Israeli prisons, while I agree with your cause and even support it, the real problem lies in the first part of the axiom. If Arafat has legitimate claim to any part of my country and therefore is forgiven for murdering Jews in order to take what is his, then his murderers should go free. But if he is a low life murderer who seeks the destruction of the Jewish State and the Jewish People then his henchmen should be executed, and so should Arafat. You can't have it both ways.

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