Yearning For The Slavemaster,
Whiplash And Brownboots

By Evelyn Hayes

Labor Day, 1999

Can it really be true

After Exodus I from Egypt and Exodus II from Babylon and Exodus III from Spain and Exodus IV from Poland and Exodus V from the holocaust of Europe that the people of the boot would create another booter??????

Weren't the Egyptians enough?

the Romans enough? the Crusaders enough? the Inquisitors enough?

the Polish enough? the SS troopers enough?

Can it really be true that they've elected even with their own army to be booted by an Egyptian trained by Hitler's protege the mufti who massacred the Jews of Hevron and Jerusalem and created pogroms among their friends, the Egyptian who invented "The Palestinian Race" and used the Big Lie to claim Jewish Palestine, an Egyptian whom even those in Arab Palestine (Jordan) would not want, an Egyptian who has messed up Lebanon and Bethlehem and is inciting in Nazareth and Acco and Megiddo, an Egyptian who cheers for Saddam Hussein?

Can they really be so insecure as they ask for security from the enemy who is blowing them up, invading their inner cities and ghetto-izing their outclaves? How can the Jews beg for slavery so hard?

Can their generals be so foolish to believe in the unbelievable and arm the PA terrorist army with more terrorists from their prisons and more guns for another army against the Jews?

Can their generals invite this army into the Jewish state, retreat fromtheir mountains, retreat as Guardians of their Jews? and let the whip lash and let their land brown and ignore their murdered and mutilated and their future?

Can they really recreate the slavemaster and give away what they created from a wasteland with their bare hands and what they inherited and welcome insecurity and hate and blood libel and pogroms and call it Peace?

When will they ever learn?

Why the bondage when they are free?

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