At Home, Abroad, Latest Twists
in the "peace process" Defy Reality

By Eugene Narrett, PhD

Having made the "peace of the grave" in the Balkans, the US foreign policy establishment fronted by Madeline Albright is in Alexandria, Egypt to squeeze Israeli Prime Minister Barak. The object of the globalists she represents is that more Israeli land in which Jews will henceforth be forbidden to live must be surrendered and further gifts of cash and infrastructure made to Arafat. The State Department also demands that Israel release 350 Arabs who are convicted murderers. The supposed result will be "peace" rather than increasing attacks on Jewish civilians culminating inevitably in war. The policy of America's Executive Branch policy continues to contrast strikingly with events in the Middle East as well as with the solicitude for Jewish Americans being professed by the Federal Government's brand new "National Infrastructure Protection Center."

The NIPC consolidates the FBI, CIA, NSC, Defense Department Intelligence and the Justice Department for surveillance of private electronic communications within America and potential seizure of all communications, transportation, health and energy production systems. Head of the NIPC, Michael Vatis justifies the new super Agency's powers in part as being "to protect the [American] Jewish community from violent activity by groups who believe that Jews are Satan's heirs." No groups were specified nor evidence of their plans presented. There was no attempt to explain how a few isolated lunatics (prompted by government agents as at "Elohim City," Arkansas) could justify turning the Federal government into an enormous and more efficient KGB. If the Executive Branch truly cared about religious violence it would sanction Egypt whose press routinely terms Jews "spawn of Satan" who murder Gentile babies to pour their blood into matzo. But one recalls that Egypt is a "peace partner" whose "friendship" Israel purchased by surrendering the Sinai peninsula. And if our Executive Branch really cared at all about Jewish life, here and in Israel it would scrutinize and correct the CIA's role in implementing the Wye Accords that surely are lethal to Israel.

On August 29, a chief of Israeli Military Intelligence told the Knesset that the technology, material and training the CIA is giving the PA is not being used against terrorists but to monitor Israeli communications and target Jews. Despite the evidence of the past 35 years, "the Americans refuse to see that Arafat and Hamas are on the same side," he said. Arabs continue to smuggle weapons and drugs via tunnels from Gaza to Egypt. "There is no assistance in monitoring or preventing the digging of these tunnels by the PA" commented an Israeli officer in Gaza. Yet this "partnership in preventing terrorism" is the rationale for Israeli concessions. In another violation the diplomats ignore, the PA has set up a Naval Commando force. Of course, if there is going to be a Palestinian state as Ms. Rodham-Clinton wishes, it will have a sovereign right to establish armed forces, but just who does the new Senate candidate think these forces will attack?

Arabs who care about Civil Rights continue to protest the violent behavior of Arafat and his "Authority" but their reports at best get lip service from America and the EU and nothing from their Arab "brothers" in adjacent lands. LAW, the Palestinian human rights organization noted that Arafat's Deputy Governor and Public Prosecutor are interfering with efforts to apprehend murderers. In response, members of LAW's staff and other Arab Human Rights leaders this summer have been assaulted, jailed without cause and threatened by Arafat's clique, like Gaza police chief, Ghazi Jibali. But this police-state brutality is not an issue for diplomats whose "process" is meant to produce crises they can manage to magnify their own power at others' expense.

Imagine being stoned or shot at every day as you drive to work. Imagine a child of yours being murdered and the government telling you to accept the assaults and release of the murderer as "a confidence building measure"? That is the medicine fed to the families of Jewish victims of Arab violence, like the young couple murdered August 31 while hiking in the Megiddo Forest. News reports would lead one to think the youth deserved it because he was wearing a yarmulke.

The city of Hebron in the Judean hills epitomizes all that is vicious about this lethal "land for peace" farce. In January 1997, President Clinton's aides pressured Israel to withdraw from 80% of the city, the dwelling place and gravesite of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, Jacob and Leah. Numerous pledges of peace and security were given; all of them have been ignored. The main street bisecting the Jewish ghetto was just opened to Arab traffic, greatly increasing the danger to Jews living there yet Jews are forbidden to drive into the Arab section of the city. Ethnic cleansing seems to be a desired consummation when it is Jews who are to be purged form Judea. Jews who protest this bias are jailed to satisfy the Clintons who are calling in chits for helping Ehud Barak spin and buy his recent election.

The Arab mayor of Hebron has stated that once the city is fully under Arab control the tomb of the patriarchs atop Machpela hill will be closed to Jews. "It is a mosque," he says. "Jews may visit there as tourists, but not pray." It will be back to the seventh step near the base of the hill for the Children of Israel. Jews already are barred from the Hebron marketplace built over the ruins of the Abraham Our Father synagogue destroyed by the Jordanians in 1953 during their occupation of Judea. It is in the context of these events that the Clintons, barnstorming through New York say they "like the progress in the peace process during the last six years" but in truth, a quarter century of State Department pressure on Israel justified by depicting it as a bully has helped revive anti-Semitism.

Neither Arabs nor Jews will safely survive the loss of Israeli sovereignty over land west of the Jordan. But the charade plays on, pleasing dictators like Syria's Hafez Asad (in power for over thirty years) who often "consults" with Albright & Co. and awaits their forcing Israel to give him the Golan Heights. At that point, the plain of Megiddo will see more than isolated murders.


Eugene Narrett, PhD teaches writing & Literature at Boston University.

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