By Bernard J. Shapiro

As an agreement nears completion, we have been asked by numerous sources to explain in a simple manner the true nature of the new Wye Agreement negotiated by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak. Broken into its essential ingredients this is what has been agreed to:

Palestinian Tactical/Political/Strategic Benefits

1. Increased land area for terrorist safe havens

2. Increased ease of access from terrorist safe havens to potential Jews to murder

3. Vastly increased vulnerability of Jewish communities to terrorist attack

4. Freedom from prison of a large number of veteran well-trained terrorists, who will be able to train a whole new generation of murderers of Jews [To protect Israeli's Barak is demanding that they sign a paper saying that they will not kill any more Jews. This Israeli form of mental masturbation could also be used to empty the overcrowded prisons in America]

5. A safe passage for terrorists to move from Gaza to Judea and Samaria

6. A port for Palestinian terrorists to bring in heavy military weapons for the future wars with Israel

7. An opportunity to sow discord among the Israelis

8. International recognition/aid/ and thanks from Europe and America for agreeing to accept these benefits

American Tactical/Political/Strategic Benefits

1. Increased influence in the Arab world for a few minutes

2. The State Department, which never supported the establishment of Israel in 1948, will finally get to "stick it to those pesky Jews."

European Tactical/Political/Strategic Benefits

1. They will get to "stick it to those pesky Jews" for the second time this century

Israeli Tactical/Political/Strategic Benefits

1. Post-Zionist Israelis will finally succeed in destroying their evil state

2. Shimon Peres will be able to push his grand idea of a very large boat to carry the Israelis on the seas. Land, as he says, is longer necessary...

3. As Israel self-destructs, suicide-prone individuals will be considered "prophetic" and great leaders.

Such a deal.... Oy Veh........

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