By Emanuel A. Winston

After the 1993 staged spectacle of Oslo signed in the Rose Garden, 300 Jews were murdered by Palestinian terrorists. Then at the surrendering of Hebron, Bibi thought he would receive the applause of the nations for daring to give away this most Holy City (second only to Jerusalem) where the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jewish people are laid to rest. More Jews were killed after Bibi surrendered 80% of Hebron but, nevertheless, Clinton-Arafat immediately demanded more land. Then there was Wye, where the arrogant Bibi was warned he would be ambushed by the corrupt Clinton and Madame Albright.

Each signing was a loser and now comes the staged signing of the next withdrawal agreement with Albright and Hosni Mubarak in Cairo, Egypt. Only a defeated Jewish leader would go back to Egypt as a debased supplicant, having once been released by Moses in ancient times. Regrettably, neither 40 years in the desert - nor several thousand years in exile have erased the slave inside the Jew. As Moses led us out of Egypt, Barak leads us back in.

Yes, I know. Barak is holding out to keep 50 Arab prisoners with blood on their hands. This is the choreographed, phony gift back to the Jewish people, hoping they will ignore the 450 terrorists that he will free to once again prey upon the Jewish people. When will the Jews learn that most of their leaders have no spine, no belief in their own people; no belief in Judaism and G-d's promises and are perfectly willing to match Arafat lie for lie to the Jewish people?

Did you really believe that all of this was recently negotiated? Know this...Clinton and Albright have been pounding on Barak to carry out the Wye Agreement for months. This was to be his partial pay-back for their assist in getting him elected, including financial assistance and Clinton's election gurus led by James Carville. Albright was to have arrived in Egypt with theatrical elegance for a photo op and a well-publicized signing ceremony. She was to have brought back to Clinton the "bacon" or Barak's hide nailed firmly to another one-sided surrender agreement.

The news media was fed the arranged day-to-day struggle, showing Barak and Arafat nose to nose, fighting for the best deal. Barak knew his role and that was to show he put up a fierce struggle right to the very end. The problem, dear reader, is that the script had been written long ago, with Clinton, Albright, Barak and Arafat signing off. Yes...Barak is scheduled to take a dive but not until the last round. There will be a vast vomiting out of media hype, where the American news will sing Hosannas over Clinton's triumph (which Clinton hopes will erase his egregious corruption of the Presidency) and the Leftist media in Israel will also meet the challenge by telling the people: " Peace has finally come" - guaranteed by Arafat and, of course, Clinton.

Dear Jews: How long will you be such abysmal suckers? How long will you believe everything you are told - if the phrase "Peace Process" is tacked on? Did we really lose all of our sechel (smarts) in the death camps of Europe.

I wonder how long the cheers will stay in our mouths when Arafat asks for and receives half of Jerusalem and several million hostile Palestinians come into Israel under their new "law of return". I suppose if you have no pride in your Jewishness; if you do not value the land of Israel as G-d's promise to the Jewish people, then it will pass to Arabs who do have pride in being Moslems and who seem to want the land more than the Jews.

A People with no pride or self-esteem will be treated with contempt and pursued like game in a hunt. You may plead for mercy, but receive none. You will beg for peace, to be left alone, but your adversaries will be encouraged to chase you harder. Only the strong and the brave will win respect from our enemies - but you have shown them you are not that!

As for those of you who refuse to grovel before an unrelenting enemy: Kol HaKovod - All honor to you! So, now all we have to do is wait for the Triumphal March of as in the opera Aida, appropriately set in Egypt. You will know it is all over when the fat lady sings!


Emanuel A. Winston is a MidEast Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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