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Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

Background And Statement Of Purpose

B. Shapiro       Bernard J. Shapiro, a political analyst whose specialty is Israeli and Middle Eastern political and strategic issues, organized the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies in Houston, Texas in 1992.

H. Freeman       The Freeman Center for Strategic Studies was named after Harry W. Freeman. Freeman was a Judaic scholar, fluent in six languages, and a brilliant attorney. He was a defender of the poor and the disadvantaged against the forces that kept them powerless.

Shapiro, who is executive director of The Freeman Center, made the following statement concerning its objectives:

    "The primary purpose of the Freeman Center is to improve Israel's ability to survive in a hostile world. This will be accomplished through research into the military and strategic issues related to the Arab-Israeli conflict and Islamic terrorism and the dissemination of that information to the Jewish and non-Jewish community. Essential to Israel's survival, we feel, is the preservation of its present secure borders including Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and the Golan Heights. We will be strong allies of America in our common War against International Islamic terrorism. We will seek to improve Israel's image in this country as well as counteract Arab propaganda in the community and on college campuses. In pursuit of these goals we intend to maximize solidarity with Israel among both the Jewish and non-Jewish community and combat media bias. We will also work to strengthen Jewish communities in the Diaspora and help ensure their survival."

Those Who Fail To Learn From History
Are Condemned To Repeat It

"In 1934, Harry W. Freeman, my grandfather, was already lecturing about the dangers of Hitler and Nazism. Nobody listened. The Holocaust was not prevented. Today Israel's enemies plan a second Holocaust against the Jews of Israel and the world. The governments and people of Europe not only acquiesce but actively aid in this genocidal plan through diplomatic and material support. The American State Department encourages this by actively striving to weaken Israel's strategic and military superiority. Their first stage is to use the so called "peace process" to weaken Israel and strip it of its strategic territories. They are being aided by the same hypocrites and accomplices in the West who failed to aid the Jews of Europe in their darkest hour. Unfortunately, even left-wing Israelis have fallen victims to the seductive lure of peace and have begun a policy of appeasement similar to that tried with Hitler. The results will be no different.

"The Arab propaganda full of slanders and libels; the media bias against Israel replete with double standards and the rewriting of history are all working to the same end: making Israel appear illegitimate. Israel is the only country considered by many to be guilty of original sin by virtue of its very existence. This process has as its goal creating a world climate in which the destruction of Israel is acceptable. Many in the Jewish community are either apathetic or fail to recognize this threat.

"I founded the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies in order to create a powerful voice to arouse the Jewish community to the action necessary to frustrate the evil designs of the enemies of Israel. I need your help to accomplish this mission."

. . . . . . . . .Bernard J. Shapiro

  Future plans call for a building housing offices and meeting rooms. One special project is the creation of a Museum of Jewish Warriors -- honoring Jewish fighters from Biblical times to the present. We feel that Jewish communities need to have a focus on Jewish heroism to complement the martyrdom of Holocaust Museums.

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