What so many fail to face is that Olmert is just the latest in a long line of Quisling Jewish Puppet Kapo leaders who bow down to a pray to the big white temple in the distant west.
Israel ,looking for security in this direction for too long has become enslaved once again by a firendly power ,now turned hostile and life threatning.
Somehow ,the G-d of Israel will wean His people from this now cursed relationship which promises to birth a terrorist Palestinian state on once Jewish land.
That any Jew can continue to bow down to and support in any way the divider of Israel thru his Road Map shows the level of Idolatry which corrupts the Jewish soul.
#1 Marcel (Homepage) on 2006-02-18 10:13
These are decisions made in head office located in Washington not Jerusalem. Substitute the name of Bush for Olmert and you will be arriving closer to the truth. Also blame those mental pygmies both in America and Israel that pushed for the invasion of Iraq. Most of Israel's present problems stem from the Iraqi fiasco, and U.S.'s perceived need to improve its image in the Muslim world.
#2 h peskin on 2006-02-19 17:29
Stop acting like a victim and blaming others for our problems. The decision to destroy Israel from within, came and continues to come from within. We are stuck with fascist liars and thieves because we voted them into office, even when we should have known better.

They lie, and still we vote for them. Take Netanyahu for instance. He lied about Hevron. For that he should have been tossed in the political dumpster. But no. He's still an MK. He could have stopped the expulsion from Gush Katif, but he chose to save his worthless political hide at our expense. Now he is the elected leader of Likud. And you blame America instead of him and his ilk?!

They are nearly all more interested in keeping thier seat in Knesset, than in saving us from our enemies. They blame the USA to save themselves from your anger, and, even though they've lied to your before, STILL you believe these self-serving dolts!


Until we admit the truth to ourselves, start looking to Hashem for help, and stop voting for the same liars over and over again, things will only get worse.

I'm really getting fed up reading posts like yours that only parrot our failed leaders, "It's not our fault, America made us do it." STOP WHINING AND GROW UP, ALREADY!
#2.1 ytba on 2006-03-02 10:32
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